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"Probably the best murder mystery I could have ever done!" Jessica, United States

NEW GAME! We've just brought out a fantastic new gangster and showbusiness themed 1920s murder mystery game, A Speakeasy Murder, at just 30 pounds / 49.99 USD for a game for 15–32 guests!

ANOTHER NEW GAME! And just the previous month, we released Murder on the Dancefloor, a '50s-US-small-town-diner-set game with dancing, teen rivalry, romance and all sorts of shenanigans. That one costs 25 pounds / 39.99 USD for a game for 14–20 guests!

Sunday 7th June is the night of the Tony Awards, celebrating everything that's great about the theatre! You could stage your own backstage bloodbath this year, with Bludgeoned on Broadway, the game in which greasepaint meets grievous bodily harm.

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