Three new games!

We’re delighted to present for sale three new games from Peaky Games: Best of the Wurst, The Day the Music Died, and Small Town Folks.

If Peaky Games sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve talked about it previously on our blog. Peaky is a writing weekend in Derbyshire for writing and the playing interactive (or “freeform”) games much like ours.

Peaky Games have taken some of their games, polished and updated them, and published them. If you’ve played a few of our games, we think that you may enjoy these games.

(This is from Murder on the Dance Floor – we don’t have any photos for these new games yet!)

The games are:

Best of the Wurst: In Castle Quimper Hotel in 1942 Occupied France Colonel Kronenburg has organised a sausage tasting competition – the best German wurst against sausages from across Europe! Is there any doubt who will win? Best of the Wurst is for 9 guests plus a host, aged 12+.

The Day the Music Died: Set at Radio Rebecca, the grooviest radio station in the English Channel in 1965. The Day the Music Died is for 10 guests plus a host, aged 12+

Small Town Folks: Macy, Nebraska, in 1962 is a small town like any other. But when the hurricane approaches, twelve people are trapped by a storm. Tensions rise, secrets spill, and long-buried rivalries erupt… Small Town Folks is for 12 guests plus a host, aged 15+.

The games written at Peaky are very similar in structure to our murder mysteries – everyone gets their own character sheet with goals and objectives, and information about other people, and they take between two and three hours to play through.

(Those similarities are not a coincidence, as we’re members of Peaky Games and have helped co-write some of the games.)

There are a few differences though.

First, they aren’t murder mysteries. Although sometimes there’s a death involved in the backstory, the game is rarely about investigating the death. Instead, the death is the background to some of the plots.

Second, the Peaky Games freeforms don’t usually have abilities, secrets or clues. The games generally don’t need them – secrets will come out naturally during the course of play, and clues are woven through the character backgrounds.

Third, these games are written for more experienced hosts. They expect you to use your common sense to resolve issues and questions. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend these if you haven’t run one of our games first.

Fourth, the games often include geeky ideas and concepts. Although the games we’ve selected here are mostly normal games, Best of the Wurst does contain a vampire!

But if you’ve played or hosted one of our games before, you won’t find anything too unfamiliar in them!

As with our other games, we offer a 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee on these games.

Click here to learn more about Peaky Games.

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