Unconscious Characters

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Unconscious Characters

Postby teal » Thu May 24, 2007 4:14 pm

Hi! I'm running the game on Sunday, and I just realized that I don't know what happens to players who are unconscious during a period change, particularly when the game shifts from 'death-free mode' to allowing deaths - would those players die? Also, what happens to characters who are still unconscious when it's time to vote for the captains? Do they wake up and vote, or are they left to die on the island?

Additionally, as the Host, am I supposed to announce to the whole group when a fight or a death is about to take place? Or should I allow some characters to fight in secret (such as in a separate room) and count on the other players to discover what took place?

Thanks! My friends can't wait to start playing. :-)

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Unconscious Characters

Postby mo » Thu May 24, 2007 4:36 pm

Hi there,

Characters who are unconscious across a period change behave according to the earlier period -- ie. they wouldn't die in that situation, they'd come back to consciousness in the same way as earlier.

Characters who are unconscious when the vote happens don't get to vote, and it's up to the successful captains whether they want to take them off the island or not.

We generally recommend to make all fights 'passively public' -- ie. make them take place in a public space so that everyone who wants to pay attention can do so, but you shouldn't announce it or actively gather everyone together as an audience. (Of course, the combatants themselves may do so if they wish.)

I hope that helps,

best wishes,


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