Extra characters

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Extra characters

Postby mabelwong (Unregiste » Wed Oct 19, 2005 6:54 am

I just purchased this game.
I have a preliminary guest list for about 20 people.
Based on initial queries, they all are intending to come. Is there something for the other 'extra' people to do to amuse themselves?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Extra characters

Postby mo » Mon Oct 31, 2005 2:31 pm

Oh, and for the 'extra' people -- they can assist you organizing the party of course, and spectating on the game is fun in itself, but the other thing you can do is tell them to play extra pirates, Indians etc -- they won't have full characters like the others, but they can share the main goals of getting a ship etc, and it'll make them feel part of it a bit more.

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