Tip/Idea — contest submission

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Tip/Idea — contest submission

Postby Grianainech » Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:13 pm

We actually had physical Pearls of Wisdom for those characters who had them and a few to be found.

To create them I got several mini Magic 8 Balls. (As little as 99¢ each) and painted them pearl white.

The players really enjoyed having something physical that was theirs — and were much more upset when they had their Pearl stolen!

Plus, they were GREAT for referee-ing and decision-making. If a player wanted to try something that may or may not work, I let the "Pearl" decide (or appeared to by looking at it and claiming it said what I wanted it to.)

There are different "theme" 8 Balls as well, so that can add additional flavor to the proceedings. One guest was THRILLED to have found one of the valuable "Pearls" — and then began to believe they were cursed because their Pearl always gave them bad news — they'd happened across a Pearl that was originally a "Series of Unfortunate Events" themed 8 Ball.

The players received their character packs as a message in a bottle — light-weight clear plastic bottle, with a bit of sand and a sea-shell thrown in, and then the character info rolled up and tucked inside. Those that we could hand-deliver by leaving on their door or at their desk, etc., we did. Those that we needed to mail, we simply addressed the bottle itself and spoke sweetly to our postmaster. No problem to mail the bottle with no additional boxing or wrapping.

We also had several treasure chests (Who doesn't have an old trunk or box lying around? And if you don't and you want to go all out, all the craft and home decor stores have them. It's also not hard to decorate a shoe box to resemble a treasure chest.). We asked each of our guests to donate something to the treasure chest — might be a gift certificate for the local bakery, or a product or service that their company provides, whatever. And those items were inside the treasure chests so that whomever ultimately ended up with Flint's Treasure actually got some treasure.

Because the guests knew there was ACTUAL treasure, that became not only more inspiration to play the game to the bone, but was a critical negotiating ploy in recruiting players to one side or another by offering a bigger share of the booty.

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Re: Tip/Idea — contest submission

Postby mo » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:44 am

That all sounds terrific, thank you! I love the idea of the cursed Pearl of Wisdom.

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