Abilities and time requirements

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Abilities and time requirements

Postby thekid » Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:00 am

Having looked over the abilities in this game (including for the extra characters) some questions popped up. Is there any intended differences in the time requirement for using some of the abilities. I have seen the following (including for the exact same ability):

after talking with a character for a couple of minutes
after talking for two minutes
after talking briefly
spend at least 5 minutes with

Sometimes talking is exchanged for speaking, not being a native English speaker, I assume they are synonyms for all practical reasons here.

I would also, as a host, treat the requirements for the use of the abilities as identical. It requires that one speak for a short while (not just exchanging a few words). The only exception might be the 'spend at least 5 minutes with'. I can see the reason for having a longer time requirement there. It does seem to imply that one doesn't necessarily have to talk all the time though.

So is there some real intended differences? I guess not since the exact same ability can be written in different ways. However, since there is a difference, even for abilities for the exact same character, players might assume there actually IS a difference.

Any insight?

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Abilities and time requirements

Postby mo » Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:04 am

Hi Pedro,

In our earlier games we tried various different descriptions of these time requirements, because we didn't know what would be clearest and most convenient for players and hosts. That's why there's this variety that you've seen.

In our more recent games we think we've got it right, and now we're going to be standardizing on 'After speaking briefly to another player'.

Unfortunately, like all these evolutions, it takes a little while to apply it across all the existing games... But the message now is that yes, you should treat all these variations as identical -- and say that to your players, if they ask.

(We've stopped using 'spend at least 5 minutes with', because although you're right that it can be slightly different, it's still too similar -- so we will be combining it into the main 'After speaking briefly to another player'.)

best wishes,


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