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Competition winners!

Postby mo » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:27 am

Thanks to everyone who entered our 10th anniversary competition! We were really delighted with the response and the wide range of hints and tips that everyone submitted. We saw all sorts of tips, ranging from room layout to authentic pirate grog to ideas for how to organise yourself.

And so after some careful deliberation, we have decided to award prizes to:

Grand Winner: jollirog, for a cool overall post to begin with and then a lot of really neat follow-up posts. Wins three free games!

Runner Up: Grianainech for excellent ADMC and CotP ambiance/prop tips. Wins two free games!

Other winners: attheshow, cynderella, Escher0, Justen, kwayne, lilbug, mechanicalme, myst, pinkjackal, tara, vladikavkaz. Each win a game!

If you've already said which game you wanted to win, we will be sending it to you shortly. If you haven't said which one yet, email us at You might want to bear in mind that our new game A Heroic Death will be coming out in a few weeks, so if you'd like to hold off deciding until you've seen the details of that one, that's fine of course.

And a summary of all the winning tips will be appearing on our main website shortly!

Thanks again, everyone – it's really great to see all the fun and clever things that people are doing with their murder mystery parties, and to be able to share good ideas around!

Mo + Steve

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