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Food for 15 - What I did

Postby diablette » Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:47 pm

I was unsure of the quantities of food for a buffet for 15 people, but I got my food quantities pretty much spot on, with a small bit of a few things left over. I made everything ahead, so it was just a case of reheating the 4 hot bits. This is what I made:
Afternoon tea food
Mini lemon cupcakes decorated with little yellow flowers
Butter biscuits - hearts and bunnies (Nigella Lawson's How to be a domestic goddess recipe)
Gingerbread biscuits - meant to be iced 'eat me' but I ran out of time (Gingerbread book by Joanna Farrow)
Lemon tart - which ended up in little cups because my pastry case didn't work! (Lemon tart filling from James Martin - ... tart_86198 , not-so-easy pastry from a different source ;)
Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries and cream [dead url, sorry]
Fresh fruit in white dishes - strawberries, grapes, figs
Smarties and jelly beans in tiny white dishes for extra colour

Canapes dinner food (hot food put out just before the game break)
Mock turtle soup (courgette soup from 9 courgettes) with baked mint-y egg cut into turtles floating on top (hot)
Lemon lentil salad (hot) [ the poster's original link is dead, but this might be close:]
Mini roasted pepper tarts (home roasted red, orange & yellow roasted peppers on Chocolate & Zucchini's tart-tartin pastry) (hot) (pastry from [dead url, sorry] and ... eppers.php)
Cheese board of 4 x 250g cheeses with biscuits and 2 French bread sticks
Cucumber (1) slices topped with goat's cheese, salmon and mint leaves [dead url, sorry]
Asparagus wrapped in bacon (hot)
Cold meats platter (1 pack each beef, ham and sausage)
Lettuce and chopped cucumber laid out on a glass plate
Mini frittatas (potato, feta & tomato) (9 eggs)

Choice of teas and multiple teapots on the table with an eclectic range of tea cups, mugs and glasses, wine, beer, fruit juices, sparkling fruit juices, water Coffee made by hubby (until the coffee machine exploded! ;)

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