Should I choose this game?

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Should I choose this game?

Postby kittydreamz » Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:31 pm

I've done two free-form games before, bludgeoned on Broadway and Way out West. The last one was a Huge success. We expanded it to be overnight, cast every single part, had two hosts (which still didn't feel like enough) and adapted the game to be more interactive. We had full-body roshambo called bear-man-gun and rubber band guns for high noon shootouts. There was also a professional photographer and a confession-cam. We are very intense about our murder mystery parties. It was a hit and took six months of planning. We all really want to play again. I only cast theater-types/all of our actor friends and DnD players. They'll be more experienced this time, but there are also high expectations.

We're thinking of doing either Arabian nights or A Heroic Death. We've also looked at Spellbound and Under the big Top. We want something flexible/adaptable to be overnight, something we can have two hosts or more for again, something on the complex side, and something with big characters. Preferably, a game with different abilities would be nice too.

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Re: Should I choose this game?

Postby mo » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:50 pm

I think either Arabian Nights or A Heroic Death would probably work for you -- they both are copmoplex games containing 'big' characters, and have lots of new abilities -- but maybe from the point of view of expanding to a weekend, Arabian Nights might be a bit better. The reason being that it's more of a 'real' community setting, with lots of different social levels and side plots going on, while A Heroic Death is more focused on the main murder plot. So in Arabian Nights it will feel more natural to add in extra activities, etc -- the bazaar can have a bunch of sideshows and things.

(Spellbound would also be good from this point of view.)

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