Extra things to add into Pirate Island

It is 1763 and off a small island in the Caribbean, pirate ships have gathered to compete in the annual pirate games. At the games the ships' crews will compete against each other to gain the most doubloons – and the crew with the most doubloons by the end of the games wins!

Pirate Island is a themed party game for 6 to 24 kids of all ages – but particularly suited to ages 8 and up.
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Extra things to add into Pirate Island

Postby mo » Wed Mar 12, 2014 4:25 pm

These are some very enjoyable ideas sent in by Anni. Thank you very much!

We are all very old friends who go away together each new year and on new year's eve have a party for the kids. This year they ranged from 14 years old down to 6 and because a couple of families couldn't make it were all boys bar one 11 year old girl. There were 11 in total - and generally they get on very well. They have a cousinly relationship to each other since they know each other so well. However, the New Years Eve party has got harder and harder as the older boys are not interested in party games but we have to aim it at the little ones too. In desperation I bought Pirate Island and divided them up into 4 teams, separating families and age groups out to have as little bickering as possible. In honestly, I wasn't sure how it would work and had various boisterous party games up my sleeve vaguely based on pirating to keep them occupied a bit longer eg burst the cannonball - tie a black balloon to each child's leg and they had to jump on each others to burst them.

We were very lucky in our venue in that propery we rented this time came with its own community hall so we went to town on the decorations, putting up pirate flags and maps around the wall and the kids had the space to really spread out.

Our main change was in the way the games are played. Instead of the gunner alone being able to fire and one crew member entering best dressed pirate and singing, we allowed all 3 crew members to do all the contests - with the team that had only 2 crew members able to pick their best shot to do it twice. This really worked for us as everyone wanted to do everything - and with all 11 of them, it meant that it took up all the party time and we didn't need any extra games!

We did the best dressed pirate by one parent taking them, a team at a time round all the holiday houses and getting all the parents to vote for the best dressed (not allowed to choose their own child). Our one girl won - to her delight and to general approval.

The gunnery contest - as we had a large space - we attached the target to the wall and fired at it using Nerf guns rather than the token flicking. All of them very much enjoyed this.

Although we had explained that they should find the members of other teams who had the information they needed and go with them to solve the quest, the kids themselves resolved this differently. Each team pooled all their own equipment and information and held them as general team resources. The information was swapped, bartered and sold to other teams who needed it in the same way as the equipment with the teams all solving their own team quest as a team if you see what I mean.

Finally, when the gunnery contest, the costume parade and all the quests had been completed, we had a performance. A panel of parents judged the motto contest with each team having to stand up in front of the others and recite their motto. Then each team performed Drunken Sailor to everyone - they had all been told to practise it during the afternoon. Each one did it differently, literally acting it out, performing a gymnastic routine to it or dancing to it. All were entertaining and the kids really got into the spirit of it. Again we had a panel of parents judging it like Strictly!

It worked fantastically for us even with such different ages and personalities - even our 14 year old boys, best friends, are chalk and cheese - one is very intellectual and a book-worm while the other is a boisterous footballer - but the kids loved it and I'm hoping to look at the Monster version this new year.

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