Newsletter 17th May 2012

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Newsletter 17th May 2012

Postby mo » Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:14 am

New game! – Spellbound

Our magic-school mystery game, Spellbound, is now on sale!

At the Tremaine School of Magic, danger stalks the corridors – Professor Bennet, the Headmaster, has woken up with his memories stolen. And it's the day of the final magic exams! Will the students and professors solve the mystery in time to save the school, and themselves, from an ancient menace?
Last night, someone painted a red X on the Headmaster’s door. This morning Professor Bennet woke up unable to remember anything. Not even his own name! Parents are convinced that the school is under some sort of magical attack, and the professors have announced that if the culprit is not caught, the school will close and will not reopen next year. Professor Riley Karlsen, the most senior teacher, is overseeing investigations. No-one may leave the school grounds before the end of the school day. Anyone caught doing so will be presumed guilty and detained for questioning.
Students could be forgiven, perhaps, for not having their minds fully on their exams. And romance, jealousy, rivalries, prophetic dreams, magical disguises, blackmail and extortion combine to make the Tremaine School a dangerous place for even the best-prepared.

Spellbound is our new game set in a world of magic and mystery, where nothing is quite what it seems. It was written by Lisa Perez, who also wrote our fantastic Arabian Nights game which so many of you have enjoyed. Get out your wizards' hats, robes, and school uniform, and get spellcasting!

Spellbound is for 13–17 guests plus one or two hosts, and it's suitable for adults and also for kids aged 12 or so upwards.

You can find all the details about Spellbound here on our website:

Murder mystery game news

Phew, it's all been a bit frantic these last few months! And we hope to have some more great games available for you later in the year, too. Next up will be the Expansion Pack for Lei'd to Rest, which will allow this popular game to handle up to 22 guests.

After that, it'll be Lord and Lady Westing's Will, from new author Rachel Wendel – we're about to set up a playtest for this game. It's in the classic English country-house setting, with glamorous and treacherous suspects gathered together for a will reading. It's for 11–16 adult guests.

Your stories

We've had some great stories in recently about people's parties using our games! Here are a couple of them:

"I'd never hosted a murder party before, but my sister has done several. She convinced me to do one, and we chose Arabian Nights because we thought it offered ample opportunity not only for great costumes but house decorations as well.
With a little help from family and friends, we transformed the inside of the house into the marketplace, complete with date trees and tents. It was so much fun.
One recommendation I have: The Genie/Host is VERY busy. There were several times I was overwhelmed with having to moderate attacks between players. Make sure you have a good helper. I enlisted my daughter and niece who were too young to play parts to be the Genie's minions. They did a great job running errands and helping the game run smoothly.
My friends are still talking about how much fun they had and the party was back in January!"
Beth Allen, United States

"Thank you so much from all of us, everyone had a great time playing The Spy Who Killed Me and everyone is asking when the next murder mystery will be! Nothing happpened as I had expected, but that all added to the fun, and everyone's shock at the end revelations were hillarious! Thank you from all of us."
Jess Murray – and the York St John drama society, United Kingdom

You can send us your own stories about your parties via the form here on our wesbite:

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