Results of Auctions and Purpose of Chips

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Results of Auctions and Purpose of Chips

Postby lindsaylevinen » Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:32 am

What should actually happen with:

The item (or person) up for auction
The successful bidder of the item or person
the chips used to purchase the item or person

I was going to play it as, if it's a person then they have to spend 5min with the bidder. I wasn't sure why anyone would bid on lots 2 and 3 where it's a weekend and a poem otherwise? I figured the chips would go to Sam Riley for the purchases, where he could either keep them on him or I (the host) could hold on to them for him on his quest to get $5000.

Also, is there any point to chips except to bid on things at the auction? I only see Sam having the $5000k goal otherwise I didnt see the point. Am I missing something?

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Re: Results of Auctions and Purpose of Chips

Postby mo » Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:55 pm

Hi there,

The idea of the auction items is really that people bid for them to show off how wealthy and generous they are, rather than being that bothered about collecting the actual prize -- that's why eg. the weekend isn't really worth anything during the game itself, other than the pleasure of having won it. (Although the poem isn't in that category -- Donovan should totally write a poem during the course of the event for the person who wins that.)

But saying that, if you think your guests would appreciate having some in-game value added to the prizes, then making the donor spend time with the winner as you suggest is a really nice idea.

Yes, the chips spent by the winners should go to Sam. If Sam gives the chips to you for safekeeping ("puts them in the manager's office") then that's OK but there's a chance another player might steal them.

Chips are valuable in that they should in principle always be exchanged for money by the casino, so anyone who gets their hands on some chips will be enriching themselves. Chips that aren't spent in the auction can be used for bribes, for tips, in payment for services or items, etc -- just as if they were ordinary money.

I hope that all makes sense! -- do please say if there's any more we can tell you,

best wishes,


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