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Hollywood Lies Decoration ideas

Postby Sairi » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:39 am

I am hosting the Hollywood Lies party at my church for our Valentine's dinner this year.
I have had a very good response and am pretty excited. I've only been to one other murder mystery and now I'm hosting this one... I'm a little nervous.

I was hoping for some decoration ideas. We are holding the event in our church. Don't have a huge budget, but would like to add to the atmosphere.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Hollywood Lies Decoration ideas

Postby mo » Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:32 pm

Hello Sairi,

Thank you for picking Hollywood Lies for your murder mystery hosting debut! We're here to help you out in any way we can.

For decor suggestions, you might like to take a look at the photo gallery on our website, which has some pictures of neat ideas previous hosts have had when hosting this game:
http://www.freeformgames.com/stories_an ... game_id=17

The general idea is to make it look as much like a movie awards ceremony as you practically can. We absolutely appreciate that in a church you might not have as much flexibility as in some other kinds of hosting space, but it still should be possible to make a difference. So a red carpet down the middle of the room is a great thing to add. Flowers or other centerpieces on the tables. A stage at one end with a podium, microphone, or anything else like that which will draw people's attention when the awards and speeches are being made. Balloons, flowers, garlands, fairy lights, hanging draperies, or other kinds of decoration around the walls. Placecards with people's (character) names on them, and goodie bags. Have someone taking photos of the 'stars' (or do it yourself). You don't need to do all of those things, of course -- just pick the ones that you think are achievable in your space and on your budget.

You'll find that when guests are dressed up in their costumes, it won't take much in the way of decor to make them feel special!

I hope that helps a little -- do please say if there's anything else that we can tell you,

best wishes,


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