More Alcohol confusuion

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More Alcohol confusuion

Postby mistermike » Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:52 pm

1. I understand difference between real drinks and game drinks, and see that game drinks can be "forced on subordinates". But why would anyone else take a drink since it only diminishes their ability? How are the drink cards used? Does player A hand it to player B 'forcing' them to drink whether they are a subordinate or not? Sort of like a weapon without the RSP?
2. If a player brings bourbon, sugar and mint to the bartender, he takes those cards and gives them back a drink card?

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Re: More Alcohol confusuion

Postby mo » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:44 pm

1. Yes, it would probably be sensible for no-one else to voluntarily take a drink. But they often just do anyway -- whether to be sociable, or to be polite, or because they're nervous, or to try and get someone else inebriated quicker... basically they aren't always sensible. You can't force a drink on someone else (other than a subordinate as discussed) but you can offer them one, and if they refuse, that might look like they've got something to hide... so they may accept. Basically though it doesn't really matter if the players are very cautious and don't drink game drinks other than when they are compelled to -- the game will still work fine.

2. Yes, that's correct!

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