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Playing our murder mystery games

This explanation is included in all our games, for you to hand out to your guests if the haven't played one of our games before. If you'd like to print it out, you can download a copy here.

"I've hosted other murder mystery events in the past, but having played a "freeform" game, I won't go back. It was so much fun for each person to roleplay a character and have goals/conflicts of their own in addition to solving the murder. It made for a lot more interaction! We loved it!" Emily Hendrickson, United States

If you’ve not played a Freeform Games murder mystery game before, you might not be familiar with how they are played. Our murder mystery games are different from other murder mystery games – so you might want to review these guidelines first.

Our murder mystery games are completely interactive. You decide whom to talk to and when. You also decide what you will tell them, and whether you tell them the truth or not. Of course, that goes for everyone else in the game as well…

In your game you will pretend to be someone else (your character) in a fictional setting. You will meet and interact with other characters and everyone will be trying to achieve their own goals. We don’t provide a script – it’s all up to you.

"I've now purchased three of your games. They're so intricate and nothing like what other companies offer. I love that every character (even tertiary) have goals and responsibilities. We're going to do Curse of the Pharaoh this summer and then I'm going to peruse Way out West for our Halloween party. You guys are awesome!" Lee Nelson, United States

Here are several tips to help you enjoy the game