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Send invitations to your party

We're having to disable our invitation system for the time being, because of concerns over data storage and consent related to the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We will bring it back online as soon as we are able.

Use this page to email invitations directly to your guests. The invitations contain all the background information (including a cast list) that your guests will need before the party, and you can even include your own personal message.

IMPORTANT – don't use this form until you've read the game instructions. They will tell you which of the characters you should be using if you have less than the maximum number of players.

First you must create a record of your party's details. Then you compose your invitation list, and when you're ready, send the invitations. You don't have to send them now, or all at once – you can come back to the invitation page whenever you like to add or amend details of the party or of the casting.

ALSO IMPORTANT – When you click "Save the details of your party" below, we will send you an email message which contains a link for you to come back to your party invitation page. Keep an eye out for it! – it might get caught in your spam trap. If you don't receive it, contact us and we'll send you the link manually.