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Your host: George Herbert

The name of the game: Hollywood Lies

Party venue: Meadow Way Chapel Oasis youth group

Party date: Friday 28th November 2008

Party start and finish times: 7pm to 10pm


Venue: Meadow Way Chapel Oasis youth group

Date: Friday 28th November 2008

Times: 7pm to 10pm

You are playing the character: Sam Cortinelli – One of Dazzled to Death's stunt doubles. Sam is rumored to have 'family' connections.

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Hollywood Lies

You are warmly invited to Hollywood Lies, an evening of murder, blackmail and movies!

Welcome to Hollywood!

It is award night and Tom Speed’s latest film, Dazzled to Death, has just swept the board and won four “Erics” for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Sadly, Tom Speed’s award for Best Actor was accepted posthumously by his friend, Hayden Vicars, as Tom was killed in a driving accident late last night…

Despite this note of sadness, celebrations are in full swing at the Dazzled to Death post-award party. Deals are being cut for future productions and everyone is having a good time enjoying the atmosphere and mingling with Hollywood’s movers and shakers.

Is there anything suspicious about Tom Speed’s death? Who will win next year’s Erics? Find out at Hollywood Lies.

Your Character

Your character, the person you will be playing, is indicated above. Along with this invitation should receive the full cast list, some background information and some hints as to how to play a murder mystery game. You will receive more background information, your character’s detailed goals, simple rules and some cool abilities on the day.

Costume Tips

Hollywood Lies is set after the world-famous Eric awards. Dress is black tie for the men, with glamorous dresses for the women.

Hollywood Lies - Cast List

Morgan Beech: Star of blockbuster movie Dazzled to Death. Morgan won critical plaudits for playing Kendall Nimitz, the victim’s partner. This was Morgan’s first major role in a movie.

Detective Arden Chase: One of Hollywood’s finest detectives, Detective Chase is well known to the movie community.

Sam Cortinelli: Sam Cortinelli is one of Dazzled to Death’s stunt doubles. Sam is rumored to have “family” connections.

Mel Cutter: Mel is the author of “Cutter’s Comments”, a notorious newspaper column in the Hollywood News. In the column, Mel described Dazzled to Death as “limp and tired” and accused Tom Speed of “having all the charisma of a fishbowl”. Mel is a regular feature at post-award parties.

Joss Dawson: Joss has been in the business a long time, first as an actor and now as an agent.

Luca Delmonico: Luca is comes from a very wealthy family and recently appeared in the movie Davy Jones’ Locker.

Ash d’Lessey: Dazzled to Death’s director and winner of the Best Director award in this year’s Eric awards.

Cass Dockery: Cass works for a small independent movie financier, but is looking to break into acting.

Lou Egan: A respected Hollywood film director. Lou was the original director for Dazzled to Death, but was replaced by Ash d’Lessey.

Eddie Flax: Eddie is one of Hollywood’s many agents and does a lot of charity work.

Terry Ford: Terry has worked in over 100 movies, playing character roles. In Dazzled to Death Terry played “Hatch”, a bodyguard.

Charlie Henderson-Plum: Charlie played “Skipper Primley,” Dazzled to Death’s British villain.

Claude Janvier: Claude is a composer who recently wrote the music for Ash d’Lessey’s Bludgeoned on Broadway.

Jam Lafayette: Owner of the popular Sacre Bleu! restaurant and TV celebrity chef.

Ronnie Manfred: Ronnie is a character actor who often plays evil henchmen. Ronnie has had many different jobs before getting into acting.

RT Markovitz: Press photographer for The Big Cheese, a tabloid newspaper.

Max McNab: Max plays bit-parts and is struggling to get into the big time. In Dazzled to Death Max played “Cop in Elevator”.

Evrim Meric: Bit part actor with a minor role (“Cam Nightshade”) in Dazzled to Death. Evrim also works at the Sacre Bleu! restaurant.

Jules Milton: Manager of Spangles Hotel, where the Dazzled to Death post-Eric party is being held. Six years ago, Jules was accused of a fire that burned down three sound stages.

Ghana Moon: Ghana is one of Hollywood’s most successful screenwriters, and won an Eric for Dazzled to Death.

Bernie Newman: Bernie has come to Hollywood to become a movie star.

Nat Rankin: Nat is a character actor who recently appeared in Davy Jones’ Locker as a villain – as usual.

Hunter Sharp: Hunter is an independent film producer/director and directed last year’s award-winning Under the Big Top.

Toy Shepherd: Toy is a comedian from the East Coast and has suffered some bad luck lately.

Jackie Simpson: Jackie was originally signed up to act in Dazzled to Death, but was fired before filming started after Jackie and Tom Speed had a blazing row.

Pip Slater: Pip is one of Hollywood’s many agents and is looking to sign up more clients tonight.

Val Taylor: Val both acts and produces. Val was one of Dazzled to Death’s co-producers.

Bobby Treveeno: Bobby is an entertainer of the old school and can dance, act and sing. However, Bobby’s career is in decline.

Les Tytan: Les is a mesmerist whose clients have included Charlie Henderson-Plum and Mel Cutter.

CJ Vasquez: One of Dazzled to Death’s co-producers and is keen to make more blockbusters.

Hayden Vicars: Hayden is coproducer of Dazzled to Death, and one of Tom Speed’s closest friends.

Shelly Wells: Shelly owns TrixieCorp, a large corporation that makes fast food and frozen dinners (amongst other things), but is now producing a movie.

Playing Hollywood Lies

Hollywood Lies is completely interactive. You decide who to talk to and when. You also decide what you will tell them, and whether you tell them the truth or not. Of course, that goes for everyone else in the game as well' The most important skill in Hollywood Lies is the ability to hold a conversation. You will need to talk to the other players to find out who they are and whether they will help or oppose you. Some of the characters you may know a little about already, but some will be unknown to you.

Information is the key to achieving your objectives in Hollywood Lies, so you should aim to talk to everyone. You may need to reveal information known only to you in order to get information from another player.

You will also have a number of abilities that give you an advantage against other characters in certain situations. The other players also have abilities that they may use against you!

Hollywood Lies has a few simple rules, but the Host of the party usually oversees these. The Host is neutral, and is there to ensure that Hollywood Lies runs smoothly and that everyone has a good time. If you have any questions about Hollywood Lies, you should first consult the Host.

Tips for playing Hollywood Lies

If you've not played a Freeform Games murder mystery game before, you might not be familiar with how they are played. Our games are different from most other murder mysteries - we suggest that you read these tips first: