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Your stories and pictures from The Spy Who Killed Me

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Here's a selection of people's stories and pictures from The Spy Who Killed Me – if you've enjoyed one of our games, you can click here and tell us your own story.

"We had a lot of fun playing The Spy Who Killed Me a couple of months ago. I've neither played nor hosted a murder mystery night, so I must admit it was all a bit of a steep learning curve! I look forward to playing some of your other games in the near future."
Charin Singh, Netherlands

"We loved The Spy Who Killed Me. It was much better than other, more scripted games."
Caleb MacDonald, Canada

"We've already played most of the games you have in the 'suitable for kids' section, and my daughters wanted to do The Spy Who Killed Me next. We really enjoy your games. Kids really get into it, their bloodthirsty streak comes out early, and all sorts of unusual alliances are made! It rarely turns out according to logic, but they love it."
Fhiona Alsop, United Kingdom

"Eight of us have played 5 or 6 murder mysteries before, the scripted versions around the dinner table, and I wanted something suitable for an evening with friends from church. We were about 15 originally, but I couldn't find a boxed version for that many… and thank goodness I didn't!!
While it's true to say that just about everyone was somewhat daunted about the information given them (myself included as the host!) our The Spy Who Killed Me evening was an absolute success! That finding the murder(er's) was one aim, the fact that everyone had different goals to achieve was brilliant… and I doubt very much that I will look for a scripted version again. Indeed… already people are asking about the next one ( nine hours after hosting it!) – so I'll be back here to download that… thank you for a marvellous evening!!!!!!!!! from 19 of us…"
George Cumberland, United Kingdom

"The Spy Who Killed Me went really well! We used it as a reason to bring people back into town for a weekend that had moved. Everyone really enjoyed the evening, and were really getting into their characters, including some spouses that I never would have expected to get so engaged. One of my friends who really doesn't do anything like this know the answer to every mystery in the game by the end of the evening.
Everyone told me how much fun that they had and how much that they wanted to play the game again.
Thank you guys again for everything that you do!"
Aaron McKendry, United States

"Thank you so much from all of us, everyone had a great time playing The Spy Who Killed Me and everyone is asking when the next murder mystery will be! Nothing happpened as I had expected, but that all added to the fun, and everyone's shock at the end revelations were hillarious! Thank you from all of us."
Jess Murray – and the York St John drama society, United Kingdom

"14 of us played The Spy Who Killed Me last night, and it was amazing! Everybody was in character, and each person had so many secret objectives to complete throughout. A few times, we had people running through the house shouting at each other for lying, poisoning, harming or killing each other! The most unlikely alliances were formed, and some characters were very good at keeping their secrets hidden, and diverting the blame to others! Thank you for such a fun night, the conclusion at the end was complex, but believable! At the end, everyone went round and talk to others revealing their info and secrets to others, and others were shocked at some of the characters secrets; things they had never even thought of! People are already asking for more!"
A Customer, United Kingdom

"The Spy Who Killed Me was very enjoyable and intricate enough to keep everyone involved."
Mary Narcum, United States

"The Spy Who Killed Me was very enjoyable. Very good setup and plot. It was less of following the script, and more of a game of trying to figure out who was killing who. Which if anything made it more fun – 10/10!"
A Customer, United Kingdom

"The Spy Who Killed Me was an epic night! What we enjoyed the most was that you could play the game on varying levels, depending on how you interacted. Some people never even got into the spy storyline and wondered why people were killing each other over school scholarships!"
Loralynne Krobetzky, United States

"Had fifteen players, none of whom had done anything like The Spy Who Killed Me before. They had a blast, and got into the plot very well. The murderer hid for a while, as they was so sure they'd get caught early (only two people fingered them, and one knew from their character sheet), Simon Feverfew played his caddish role to the hilt, and Master Harris kept it all together. They didn't use abilities or items for a long time, and I was worried they hadn't understood it. Nope, all of them spent 30 minutes or so just talking and working out who the characters were… the last 15 minutes ended up in mass poisonings, a gun fight and a blow dart attack."
Chris Rudram, Enigmatic Events, Canada

The Spy Who Killed Me – plotting 
							– Chris Rudram, Enigmatic Events
The Spy Who Killed Me – plotting – Chris Rudram, Enigmatic Events

The Spy Who Killed Me – montage 
							– Jess Murray
The Spy Who Killed Me – montage – Jess Murray

The Spy Who Killed Me – group photo 
							– Chris Rudram, Enigmatic Events
The Spy Who Killed Me – group photo – Chris Rudram, Enigmatic Events

The Spy Who Killed Me – group photo 
							– Jess Murray
The Spy Who Killed Me – group photo – Jess Murray

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