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"I would highly recommend getting a Freeform Murder Mystery Game. The material provided in well thought out, and there are lots of articles and resources online with tips and tricks on hosting a murder mystery party.
Snow Business was my first time hosting a murder mystery party. Everything went smoothly, now I can't wait to tackle one of the bigger parties.
The best part of Freeform Games is that the guests really determine how the game will unfold. They can be as creative as they want to be. My guests loved it."
Matthew, Canada

"We played Snow Business last night, and had a great time. The weather was unseasonally warm, and everyone turned up in their ski kit. Some people had never met each other; before but within minutes they were all in character. Lots of great photos to remember the night!"
Annie Higham, Germany

Snow Business – some of the women REMOVED TO PROTECT CUSTOMER IDENTITY - Annie Higham

"We did some Snow Business in Chalet Flaubert, two days ago. We would have sent feedback earlier, but we were still discussing about the game! Everyone had great time, really enjoyed the subplots and delved into the characters. The story gave us the opportunity to create an impressive environment of the chalet, with stage props and music (We used the fifties era). Really great experience, though it was our first serious mystery party game. Thank you!"
Nicholas Nikolakopoulos, Greece

Snow Business – collage - Nicholas Nikolakopoulos

"Snow Business was GREAT!!!!
"I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun or laughed so hard. The 'singles' ministry at my church participated (as one of our monthly activities) along with some single friends from my job etc. It was an absolutely wonderful evening! Everyone involved, including myself, had never participated in an event like this but it went over so well you would never have known. I had to fight to stay in character I was laughing so much. There are a few things that I will definitely do differently next time but I guarantee you THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME!!! I was so pleased with the entire set up, my friends were so excited to participate and I went ALL OUT rearranging and decorating the chalet (my children almost didn't recognize the place).
"I tried to be as authentic as possible, using actual props instead of the item cards. I even found a photograph on the internet to use as a photograph of 'Mariella Harrison'. Nobody wanted the game to end! I gave out trophies for the 'Best Costume', 'Best Actor', 'Best Actress', 'Best Secret Revealer', 'Best Secret Keeper', 'Best Crime Solver', & 'Top Goal Achiever', I also gave out certificates of participation to EVERYONE! No one leaves a singles ministry event empty handed so they also received a little gift. It was wonderful! My daughter (12) had such a blast helping me choose who would play each character and helping with other things during the evening, it was simply fantastic.
"Now all of my married friends and family want to do it too! I've decided that I'm going to do it two or three times a year, just because!!!!! Even my teenage nieces and nephews want to try it. I can't wait to do it again, I've been raving about it all week!
"One thing that I think helped a great deal and was extra fun for me was (an electronic genius) friend of mine helped me put together a CD of me reading all of the instructions and the character sheets for each person (with mood music and everything). Even though the participants received their information in plenty time to read through it they really didn't have to. They could listen to it all at home, in the car, wherever!!! When they arrived and picked up their envelopes (at the check-in desk :-) they were well prepared and all they had to read were their ability, info and secret cards!!!! Again, It was just great!!! I can't say enough and I will be recommending this game to everyone I know!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a great time!!!!!!!"
Doris Arnett-Gary, United States

Snow Business 
											– Tina Troyer
Snow Business – Tina Troyer

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