Christmas Murder Mystery Party Games

This Christmas, throw a murder mystery party for your friends and family.

Our downloadable Christmas murder mystery party games are complete with:

More than just murder, at Freeform Games we give everyone their own objectives to achieve. Goals may include blackmailing a rival, recovering stolen jewellery, solving the murder, uncovering newsworthy scandals – the list is endless. It’s up to your guests how they achieve these goals – they must persuade and cajole the other guests to get what they need.

Christmas themed murder mysteries

Christmas Reunion with Death – a murder mystery game

Christmas Reunion with Death

Mikolette Lukanis, former prom queen, has been killed just before the Christmastime high-school reunion gala party. But who is the murderer? For 6–9 players aged 18+.

The Night before Christmas – a murder mystery game

The Night before Christmas

A glamorous 1948 Christmas Eve cocktail party turns sour. First, a blizzard blocks all access routes and then a valet is murdered! For 12–15 guests aged 12+.

Christmas Lies – a murder mystery game

Christmas Lies

It's the big Christmas movie awards night in this game for 16–32 guests aged 12+. But some of the stars seem to be thinking about how to commit the Best Murder!

Other murder mystery party games

While these are games are not explicitly set during Christmas, you could easily set them during the festive period.

Snow Business – a murder mystery game

Snow Business

Two families are on a skiing holiday in the French Alps - but all is not well as feuds are brewing and murder is in the air. For 10–12 guests aged 18+.

A Speakeasy Murder – a murder mystery game

A Speakeasy Murder

Set at Fat Stan's Speakeasy, a masked hoodlum murdered poor Scabface Martins! But who did it? For 15–32 guests aged 18+.

Bludgeoned on Broadway – a murder mystery game

Bludgeoned on Broadway

The Olympian Days leading actor is murdered in this 1940s murder theatrical mystery game for 8–13 guests aged 15+.

The Food is to Die For – a murder mystery game

The Food is to Die For

Owner Pierre Baudelaire has been murdered in this murder mystery party set at a swanky restaurant. For 12–15 guests aged 15+.

Enjoy a Christmas murder mystery party with Freeform Games.