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Our privacy policy

Freeform Games LLP is committed to protecting the privacy of our online visitors.

All online visitor data collected by Freeform Games LLP is protected against unauthorized access. We will not sell, trade, or give your personal information to other companies or organizations.

We will not use your personal data in such a way as to breach the UK Data Protection Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or any other relevant national or international legislation.

This policy is fully in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 – see the UK Information Commissioner's website for more details on what this means.


On our website, like most sites, some of the pages will put small pieces of information, known as cookies, onto your computer. These are not used to identify you and are not a security risk – we use them to count and analyse our different visitors from different sources, so we can better design the site to suit our customers; and so on.

You can find out more about cookies here.

If you prefer not to have our cookies on your computer, that's absolutely fine, of course, it's entirely up to you. You can see here how to opt-out, and how to delete any that we've already set.

Privacy, and your data

This is the data we hold on you and what we do with it. Please note that we never pass on your details to anyone else for any reason.

Sales: When you buy a game from us, we receive your name, email address, and the billing address of the card you used. We will keep these so that we can identify your purchase if you need to come back and download the game again. (We’ve had some customers email us after three or four years, and happily, we are able to track their purchase and provide them with updated codes.)

As the transactions are processed by external trusted payment service providers (such as PayPal or Worldpay), we don’t see your card details at all.

Contacting you after purchase: We may use your purchase email address to contact you afterwards to ask about your experience with the game.

Newsletter: We use Mailchimp to manage our newsletter. When you sign up to our newsletter, we record your email address and your country of origin. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, Mailchimp deletes your email address in accordance with their processes.

Email correspondence and contact form: If you contact us via email or via our website contact form, we hold your name and email address and whatever information you’ve included in your messages. We hold these indefinitely, as we sometimes refer back to them when we are answering similar queries from other customers (we don’t include your details, of course).

Facebook correspondence: If you contact us via Facebook, your Facebook contact details are held within Facebook’s Business Suite app.

Testimonials: If you send us a testimonial, we keep your name and your location, and these are shown on our website and on Facebook unless you’ve asked for your testimonial to be anonymous.

Photographs: If you have sent us a photograph, we record who sent it. We do not “tag” anyone in the photograph. We may use some photographs on our website and in our social media posts (such as Facebook and Instagram).

Your right to be forgotten: If you would like us to remove you from our records, please send us a message via our Contact Us page, and we will process that as quickly as possible. (Please note that if you have asked to be removed from our records, and you have bought a game from us and subsequently need to download it again, you will need to re-purchase the game.)

Your payment details

When you purchase one of our games, our staff will never get to see your card number or other payment details. The payment process is handled for us by secure third parties. We will never misuse your payment data or charge you for a purchase that you didn't make.

Children's privacy

We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 16. If we learn that we have personal information on a child under the age of 16, we will delete that information from our systems. Freeform Games LLP encourages parents to go online with their kids. Here are a few tips to help make a child's online experience safer:

Contacting us

If you have any questions about any of this, you can contact us via this form.

Updated: 22nd September 2023

Updated: 1st January 2023