Extra characters for our games

Sometimes you have too many guests and you need more characters. We've written at least one free extra character for each of our games, that you can add in; and some of our games have expansion packs of extra characters available…

But sometimes that's not enough. So some of our customers have created their own extra characters for their parties and have kindly been willing to share them.

Please note that we haven't tested all of these – and for that reason, they may not tie in exactly with the other characters, the clues, etc.

We've marked them as M (the character is intended to be played as male), F (intended as female), or Any (the character can be played as being of any gender, or as genderless).

IMPORTANT – if you've bought the game, you can download the files for these characters from the download page where you got your main game files. Contact us if you need the link and password to get back to that page.

ALSO IMPORTANT – you shouldn't add too many of these characters in to your game, as they haven't been designed to work together (unlike the main game characters). If you add in several, they may make your game chaotic and incoherent. You should probably instead choose a larger game. If you still want to add several extra characters (four or more), we recommend having an extra host to help.

A Dead Man's Chest

A Heroic Death

A Purrfect Murder

A Speakeasy Murder

A Will to Murder

Arabian Nights

Bludgeoned on Broadway

Casino Fatale

Christmas Lies

Christmas Reunion with Death

Court in the Act

Curse of the Pharaoh

Davy Jones' Locker

Dazzled to Death

Death in Venice

Death on the Gambia

Death on the Rocks

Halloween Lies

Happy Birthday R.J.

Hollywood Lies

Lei'd to Rest

Lei'd to Rest has an Expansion Pack available including 10 extra characters. But if you've already got them, there's also:

Lord and Lady Westing's Will

Murder at Sea

Murder on the Dancefloor

Murder on the Istanbul Express

Reunion with Death

Snow Business


The Food is to Die For

The Karma Club

The Night before Christmas

The Reality is Murder

The Roswell Incident

The Spy Who Killed Me

Under the Big Top

Vanished in Vegas

Way out West

Who Shot the Sheriff

Create your own extra characters

We have also provided a template so that you can write your own additional characters. There are two different versions – a two-page character sheet to fit with our older games that use that format, and an eight-page character booklet to go with our more recent games. You should use the one that matches the characters in the game you're going to be hosting. In both cases, we've provided Microsoft Word and OpenOffice versions of the template.

Here are a few articles covering adding extra characters:

Submit your own character

If you have written your own characters and would like us to include them here, please first download the template and use it to create your character. Then tell us about it using our contact form. (And if you've created other handouts or aids and would like us to share them, please send them as well.)

Please don't send us anything that infringes on anybody else's copyright property. For example, while Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner (from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) might be obvious characters to add to A Dead Man's Chest, I'm afraid we cannot use them.

When you email us your characters (or other handouts), you agree that:

Those files that we do upload will receive a free game of their choice.