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Murder mystery games for beginners

The Reality is Murder

We've written all of our murder mystery games so that they can be run by anyone, no matter how inexperienced a murder mystery host they are. However, some of our games are more complex than others. If you aren't sure if the complexity of our games is going to suit you, then we suggest that you choose one of our simpler murder mystery games to start with.

I am so glad I began my journey with murder mysteries playing a freeform game. I have heard of many other more controlled or directed games. I doubt those will ever have the same attraction as the working out of a unique sequence of events, determined by the players! Jacobeth Whiting, South Africa

Simpler murder mystery games

These are our three simplest games, covering the full range of party sizes:

Please note – these murder mysteries are just as enjoyable as our more complex games. The more complex games just have more rules (for things like combat), that's all. If you want to see an example, you can download our free version of Way out West (all we ask is that you subscribe to our newsletter).

Murder at Sea – German version, in Switzerland

A Will to Murder was the first murder mystery game I've hosted and the first one that my group of friends have ever played so not only did we not know what to expect but it was also a learning experience. Despite that, it was a GREAT night of fun!! The night wasn't even over and some of us were talking about doing another one. There was lots of scheming and plotting going on… two people got poisooned and one actually died at the end of the game. As the host, it was entertaining to watch people get into character! I did add and tweak some stuff to the game. Later, when we were all swapping stories and I told what I added and tweaked, they were glad I did. All in all, this was great fun and I think you've got another group of people addicted to these murder mysteries!! Denise Knebel, United States

Tips for beginners

Here are some tips to help a first time murder mystery host:

Just wanted to tell you how great last night was. We put on Dazzled To Death (the first Murder Mystery I've ever hosted!) and it was fantastic! Everyone said how much they loved it and it was a huge success. At first my guests didn't know what was going on but they soon got into the swing of things! We made photographs to hang on the wall, family tree, family portrait and a lovely buffet. It seems as though the general consensus is to do one again but everyone wants me to do one sooner rather than later! So who knows I might be writing to you again around Christmas & New Year with the next story! I highly recommend to people to give Dazzled To Death a go because it was excellent! Thanks a lot Freeform Games! Nick Eccles, United Kingdom

Casino Fatale Expanded, in France