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Welcome to the latest issue of our occasional newsletter! In this issue we have another brand new game for you:

Mo and Steve

A brand new murder mystery party game – The Roswell Incident!

In June 1947, an Idaho pilot reported seeing a string of nine shiny unidentified flying objects flying past Mount Rainier at speeds of 1,200 miles an hour.

One week later, something crashed near Roswell, New Mexico (population 25,000). An experimental aircraft? A weather balloon? A secret military project? Or something else?

Two days later and Roswell has visitors. It is noon, July 3, 1947.

Welcome to The Roswell Incident, where we discover what really happened in Roswell. Why did the US Army and FBI arrive in Roswell? What happened on the Turner ranch? What did crash outside Roswell? Welcome to The Roswell Incident!

The Roswell Incident is a new mystery from Steve Hatherley, who wrote Death on the Gambia and Hollywood Lies! It's our first science-fiction themed murder mystery game – we know that lots of you have been waiting for one of these!

The Roswell Incident is for 10–13 guests and a host, and it’s been designed to be suitable for adults and teenagers. You can find out more, and buy the game, here on our website – it’s priced at US$ 29.99.

These are the characters in The Roswell Incident:

Extra characters for Murder on the Dancefloor!

Many thanks to Pam Hoffmann and Jeremy Gustafson, who’ve created five new extra characters for our 1950s diner-set murder mystery game, Murder on the Dancefloor.

… are all included when you purchase the game, together with our own extra character Ginger Roberts – so you can now run Murder on the Dancefloor for up to 25 guests.

Way out West in a new version!

Way out West has been our most popular murder mystery party game, ever since its launch. We've now updated and streamlined it, to match our other more recent games!

Instead of separate kids' and regular versions, and two different sizes, there's now just one – Way out West is suitable for adults and for teenagers, and it can cope with any number of guests from 10 up to 24.

If you’ve purchased Way out West in the past, then you’re entitled to download the new version, of course – just get in touch with us to get a fresh download password.

If you haven’t tried the game yet, then now’s the ideal time! You can find it here on our website, for US$ 39.99.

Way out West

And Death on the Gambia updated too!

Death on the Gambia was our first murder mystery party game, so it was about due for an overhaul – it's now up to speed with our more recent games!

These are the characters:

Death on the Gambia

Death on the Gambia costs US$ 29.99, and you can find it here on our website.

Would you like to playtest our next game?

The Purrfect Murder, by Karolina Soltys, is set in the competitive world of cat shows – the last place you would expect to find a murder!

We're looking for people to host the game with their friends and then feed back to us about how it went – to pick up on any inconsistencies, things that aren't explained properly, and anything else that we might have missed. (And to ask your guests to do the same, about the characters that they played.) You don't get paid for this, but you do get to run the game for free, and you'll be thanked in its acknowledgements when we publish it later this year!

The Purrfect Murder is for 9–12 guests, aged 15+ – please get in touch with us if you're interested in hosting it as a playtest. We will need you to be able to host the party, and feed back to us about it, by the end of September. (And we will aim to get the game materials to you within a week or so from now.)

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