Fifteen playtest questions

Our next game, A Speakeasy Slaughter, has reached playtesting. It’s been playtested twice, but we want to test it one more time. When we test our games, we are looking mainly for player feedback (as opposed to feedback from the host, which is what we usually get from our customers). Here are the questions we ask our players:

  1. Which character were you playing?
  2. Have you played any murder mystery games before?
  3. Have you played any of our (Freeform Games) murder mysteries before? – if so, which?
  4. How easy was your character sheet to understand? – were there any specifics that you thought should be explained in more detail?
  5. What did you think about your abilities, Secret and Clue?
  6. How clear was the game background (the introduction, the newspaper, etc)? Were there any other things that you thought should be included in these background docs?
  7. Did you feel you had too much to do, too little to do, or somewhere inbetween?
  8. Did you feel the game started too slowly, or finished too anticlimactically, or any other timing-related problems?
  9. Did other characters interact with you as much as you would have liked? As many of them as you would have liked?
  10. Your character goals were meant to be realistic, reasonable and challenging – do you think they were?
  11. If you looked at your Tips for Beginners, did you find them helpful?
  12. Did you guess the murderer correctly? If not, who did you think it was?
  13. Do you have any recommendations for how we could improve your character?
  14. Do you have any recommendations for how we could improve other aspects of the game?
  15. If you’ve played others of our games, how did you feel this one compared for clarity and enjoyability?

Update: The game has now been published as A Speakeasy Murder.

Cover to A Speakeasy Murder

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