Lord and Lady Westing’s Will

Today we launch Lord and Lady Westing’s Will, our 25th murder mystery party game. This time we’re visiting Derbyshire, England in 1935 and a party held to celebrate the life of Lord and Lady Westing, who recently died in a tragic air balloon accident in Switzerland. Guests include famous authors, weapons manufacturers, aristocrats, a ballerina and even a big game hunter – some of whom weren’t even on the guest list!

So as the great European powers continue their stately dance towards war, we find ourselves in an English country house – with murder on our mind.

Lord and Lady Westing's Will

Compared with our other games, Lord and Lady Westing’s Will is probably closest in feel to Death on the Gambia. They are both set in the 1930s and both feature secret identities and government secrets. And of course both are set immediately before the Second World War.

Lord and Lady Westing’s Will is for 11 to 16 guests, plus one host.

Lord and Lady Westing’s Will was written by Rachel Wendel, and it is her first murder mystery for us. We hope you enjoy hosting and playing it!

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