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Earlier we mentioned Melissa Midcap using A Dead Man’s Chest for a Spanish exam. In 2022, she used Spellbound:

Students dressed up to play Spellbound

“This year (2022) we were allowed to have the full dinner/game for the final exam for my upper-level Spanish classes. So, Spanish 3 and 4 had an absolute blast with Spellbound (‘Hechizados’).

“The casting worked out perfectly! The professors were my Costa Rican international college student, a Spanish teacher friend who was a former student, and another former student. The two officers were students who graduated a couple of years ago and missed their mystery dinner because of covid – they were thrilled to come back from college and play! All of the student characters were played by my students and it was their final exam. Spellbound is so much fun!

“Here’s how we handled fights for this game: My husband created a hierarchy of three spells. We had two velvet bags, each with slips of cardstock having the spell names on them. Each drew, and the higher spell won (like rock-paper-scissors but with spell names).

“The students did well on the conversation part of their exam. When we get back to school (and after they have had time to yell at each other for deceptions and offenses committed during the game), they write me an essay (in Spanish) about the evening from the perspective of their character. That’s always an interesting read!

“Thanks again for some great games!” Melissa Midcap, USA

Spellbound is also available in German as Dunkle Mächte in der Magierschule.

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