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New game – Death on the Rocks!

It's been a while since we brought out a new murder mystery game, but here's one coming now – Death on the Rocks!

It's going to be published on the 21st of May. Keep your eyes on our website for details!

Death on the Rocks is for 12–16 adult players and a host. It's set on the remote and windswept island of Little Bleakly, where Lord Hugo Malady has just been found murdered. How will his family, the other islanders, and their visitors react? Who among them is the killer?

These are the characters in Death on the Rocks:


Halloween Lies

Death on the Rocks will be priced at 20 GB pounds / 29.99 US dollars.

VAT – good news

You might have heard that there's been a recent change to the tax legislation within the European Union, meaning that small businesses like us now have to charge VAT to customers from European countries other than the UK.

This has been a bit of an admin headache, but we've got it sorted out now. The good news is that you won't pay any more – we have decided to absorb the tax ourselves, rather than passing it on to customers.

The other good news is that if you're in the UK, or from the rest of the world outside Europe, then there's no change and we will neither be charging you more nor having to pay more tax ourselves.

Website – more good news

We've been having increasing trouble with our website hosting over the last year or so, culminating in it persistently erroring for almost a week last month. We've now moved the whole thing over to a different hosting service, who so far have been very helpful and reliable – and they come with high recommendations. Hopefully this should be the last of the trouble, and you'll be able to visit our site uninterrupted from now on.

On a related note, we're going to be doing some redesign work over the summer. If you've visited our website using a mobile phone, you'll have noticed that it doesn't scale very well – we desigend it for desktop machines, and some of the images and so on are too big to display well on a phone screen. So we're going to be developing a special mobile version of every page, which will be displayed to people who are viewing it on a small screen. All the information and content will be there, just it'll be laid out differently so you don't have to pinch out of scroll from side to side. And it's about time we had a new design, anyway!

Your stories

There've been some fantastic stories in just lately! Here's one about A Speakeasy Murder, the most recent game that we published:

"We ran A Speakeasy Murder last weekend with 22 guests and 1 host. This was our fourth Freeform Game and the largest one yet. A great time was had by one and all, including our brand new guests. I think this one was my personal favorite for the creative costumes our guests came in.
I asked each of our guests for their “mug shot” before we started play and put together this compilation. I thought you would enjoy it!
Thank you for another excellent game.
" ~ Amy Diaz, United States

And here's the mugshots:
A Speakeasy Murder mugshots