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I am so glad I began my journey with murder mysteries playing a freeform game. I have heard of many other more controlled or directed games. I doubt those will ever have the same attraction as the working out of a unique sequence of events, determined by the players! Jacobeth Whiting, South Africa

Murder mystery games – the Freeform Games way

A Dead Man's Chest – Crazy Billy Pistol

Our murder mystery games put YOU in the middle of the action. We don't give you a predetermined script to read out, we don't drip feed your background to you – we don't even know how the game will end.

That's up to YOU.

But we do give you your detailed character background in advance. We give you goals and contacts – and secrets. You might have a secret identity, you might be rich, you might be poor – you might even be the murderer (we'll tell you up front if you are). We even give you ways of finding out other players' secrets – just so you can blackmail them.

You will decide who to talk to, who to trust – and who to betray.

You may know who your friends are. Or you may only think you know who your friends are. You won't know until the chips are down.

Welcome to a Freeform Games murder mystery!

What is a Freeform Games murder mystery game?

Murder on the Dancefloor – TV star Steven Starling graces us with his presence

A Freeform Games murder mystery game is an interactive party where each guest has a character and a role in a story that will be played out over the course of three hours or so. Usually one person is the murderer and their job is to escape detection and put the blame onto someone else.

As well as solving the murder, in a Freeform Games murder mysteries, everyone has other goals – maybe to find hidden pirate treasure, or to blackmail a rival, win another's heart or maybe just make as much money as possible.

One person is the Host, and acts as organiser and co-ordinator, responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and that all the guests have the information they need. They also act as referee should an impartial decision be required.

What you get

Here's what you get when you buy one of our murder mystery games:

  • Step-by-step instructions for the host detailing everything to ensure you have a successful murder mystery party.
  • Characters for each guest – including character background, character goals and information on who else they know. These detailed character backgrounds provide all the information your guests need to play their characters.
  • Murder at Sea
  • Quick start hints – each guest will have their own quick start hints, ensuring that your game starts with a bang.
  • Abilities – each character has a few special abilities that let them break the rules that they can use to find clues and find out secrets.
  • Item cards – key items in our games are represented by illustrated item cards.
  • Other clues and announcements – held by the host until key moments during the game.
  • Detailed rules covering all the likely situations that may arise during the game. Sometimes these will include rules for poisoning or attacking other characters in the murder mystery game!
  • A quick reference sheet for the host containing the key information they need when running the game.
  • Our support – we are available on our forums or by email to help with any queries that you might have with your game.
  • Access to free extra characters that other customers have written in case you have more guests than you originally planned for.

"As I've always said you guys are great!!!! You think of everything! You've found a loyal customer in me!!" Doris Arnett-Gary, USA

Bludgeoned on Broadway – the prize for Overall Winner

Kids can play too!

We've found that kids of age 12 and above enjoy our murder mystery games as much as the grown-ups. So we've ensured that a number of our games are kid-friendly.

(We also have games suitable for younger kids.)

Downloadable and available RIGHT NOW

Our downloadable murder mystery games come complete with full instructions for running a thrilling evening of deceit, treachery and murder. The games include detailed character sheets, simple rules – plus newspapers and whatever else the plot requires. You'll have everything you need to host an unforgettable evening.

These murder mystery games are only available over the Internet. You won't find them anywhere else.

Free murder mystery game

We also have a free murder mystery game that you can download and play. The only difference between the free version of Way out West and the paid version is that the free version is for 10 players, while the paid version will cater for up to 24 players. To find out about the free game and how to sign up to our newsletter, just click here.

Cast-Iron Guarantee

A Heroic Death

Our games are a bit different from other murder mystery games, and they aren't for everyone. But because we believe they are the best murder mysteries anywhere (and we're not the only ones that believe this – check out our testimonials), we want you to try them RISK FREE.

That's why all of our murder mystery games come with a Cast-Iron, no-quibble guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied then please let us know within 30 days and we will promptly refund you the purchase price, no questions asked.

(Of course, you could just try Way out West, completely free instead!)

"Freeform Games offers what I call First Class Customer Care! I have been overwhelmingly happy (and even shocked) with the extremely helpful assistance you provide in choosing a game that is a perfect match. You quickly and clearly answered all my questions from start to finish. Thank you for making this purchase a memorable one!" Tammy, USA

Your next steps

Your next step to hosting a Freeform Games murder mystery game is to choose a game – click here for our advice on choosing a murder mystery game.

Or click here if you want to host a game that's suitable for kids.