What we’re working on right now

Here’s what we’re working on right now.

The Speakeasy Slaughter, our upcoming 1920’s Prohibition game for 15 to 32 guests, is making progress. Our playtest in London didn’t happen in September as originally planned, but we’re still hoping to get another playtest in later this year. We’ve provided a wealth of comments that author Becky Channon (who previously wrote A Heroic Death) is working on. Expect to see The Speakeasy Slaughter some time in 2014.

Following hard on the heels of The Speakeasy Slaughter is Death on the Rocks, by Jessica Andrews, and is just entering its first playtest.

Steve is revising All at Sea (new title, Murder at Sea), one of our older games. We’re making cosmetic changes to bring it up to our current standards (so character booklets for everyone) and tweaking a few of the characters to make them more fun to play.

And after this? We’ve got plenty more to keep us busy!

4 thoughts on “What we’re working on right now

  1. Ricki

    Hi there, I was hoping to buy All at Sea, and I’ve got two questions:
    1. This post says the game is being updated? When will that be? I want to play the game with 25 people on November 10, so I’m wondering if I should buy it now or wait for the update?
    2. What happened to putting the games on Amazon? Not that I care if it’s on Amazon or on your website, I’ll buy from anywhere, I was just hoping to get in on the 20% off 🙂

    Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Ricki

      Also, if All At Sea is being updated right now, could I at least buy the old version so I can begin casting, and then get the new version as soon as it’s updated? Thanks for letting me know!

    2. Steve Hatherley Post author


      I’m not putting a deadline on when All at Sea will be ready because there’s a bit too much real life going on right now, and that keeps distracting me from it. So please don’t wait for me to get All at Sea completed first!

      Although I won’t have the full game completed in time, if I get the character booklets reformatted before early November (and there’s a good chance of that happening as I’m well on with them) then I’ll email them (and we’ll make them available via the downloads page).

      As for the Amazon discount, I’m afraid that was only for Amazon and unfortunately we’ve had to stop selling our games through Amazon (they didn’t like the fact they were digital downloads).


      1. Steve Hatherley Post author

        The reformatted characters for All at Sea are now available from the downloads page, along with some instructions.


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