Choosing a game

So you want to have a murder mystery party game? That's great, we have lots of different ones! This page is here to help you find out which is going to be best for you.

"I just want to say thank you for your fantastic games! We've played at least 6 of them, and every single one has been great fun. We have played a lot of murder mystery games over the past 5 years, and yours are absolutely the best."
Mary Lantz, USA

First – narrow your search

We have a wide range of games, but if you have a specific need you may find them here:

Kids' games: Murder mystery parties suitable for kids aged 8 and up.

Bestselling games: Our most popular murder mystery games.

Murder mystery games for beginners: If you're new to the whole idea of our murder mystery parties, these games are particularly suitable for beginners.

Halloween games: Spooky games for adults and kids.

Christmas games: Festive fun for your friends and family.

Or to choose a game from across our whole range, keep reading!

Second – how many guests are you inviting?

Way out West

Some of our games are for large groups of players, others are for smaller numbers, and others cover a wide range. You can use these tables below to see which of the games might be suitable for your particular playing group.

We recommend choosing a game that you can fill as much as you can (so if you have 12 players, choose a game for 10–12 rather than one for 12–16). That's because our games are generally a bit better when they're fuller. It's not crucial, though – they still work perfectly OK when a few places are empty.

Most of our games need a host, as well as the guests – so where we say 'for 10 guests', that means 11 people in total.

"Your games are the absolute best! I tried half a dozen other murder mystery companies before I found yours and I will never go back. Your games are so much more fun to play, with opposing agendas, secret abilities, and weapons."
Jennifer Ellis, United States

Third – who are you inviting?

Will the game be suitable for the age of your players? Or are they a more conservative group? The tables include our view of the minimum age for each game: 18, 15 or 12. (In the cases where there are two ages shown, that's because we include two alternative versions of the game in your purchase, one of which is more family-friendly.)

We've explained what the ages mean and our reasons for each game's classification on our recommended ages page.

"I think you folks have put together a fantastic product. Gives opportunity for imagination, using and honing a wide variety of skills."
KB, California, United States

Fourth – the game setting

Then, consider your party's theme and setting. Which will appeal most to your guests – pirates, or wild west? Spies, or superheroes? Hollywood or historical?

Clicking on each game's name will take you to a page which describes the game in more depth. There you'll find a free introductory file you can download and read at your leisure.

Smaller games (for when you have fewer than 10 guests)

Number of guestsAge567891011+
Death in Venice (film-festival, present-day H)15+56789  
Reunion with Death (high-school reunion, present-day H)18+ 6789  
Christmas Reunion with Death (Christmas high-school reunion, present-day H)18+ 6789  
A Will to Murder (family-feuding, 1930s)18+ 6789  
Curse of the Pharaoh (archaeological, 1890s)18+ 67891011+
Lei'd to Rest (Hawaiian, present-day)15+ 67891011+
Murder on the Istanbul Express (luxurious passenger train, 1914)12+  7891011+
Death on the Gambia (riverboat, 1940s)15+   891011+
A Heroic Death (superhero, futuristic)15+/12+   891011+
Bludgeoned on Broadway (theatrical, 1940s)15+   891011+
Best of the Wurst (wartime, 1942 P)15+    9  
Note: where a number is not in bold, that means you need the Expanded version of the game. Where a game is marked with an 'H', that means that the host can either play one of the characters or can just be the host, as they prefer. Games marked with a 'P' are by Peaky Games, and are recommended for people who have hosted one of our murder mystery games before.

Mid-sized games (for when you have 10 to 14 guests)

Number of guestsAge9–101112131415+
Curse of the Pharaoh (archaeological, 1890s)18+9–101112131415+
Lei'd to Rest (Hawaiian, present-day)15+9–101112131415+
Murder on the Istanbul Express (luxurious passenger train, 1914)12+9–1011    
Death on the Gambia (riverboat, 1940s)15+9–1011    
A Heroic Death (superhero, futuristic)15+/12+9–101112   
Bludgeoned on Broadway (theatrical, 1940s)15+9–10111213  
The Day the Music Died (musical, 1960s P)15+ 10     
Snow Business (snowbound, present-day)18+ 101112   
Way out West (Western)15+/12+ 101112131415+
The Karma Club (hippy, 1960s)15+ 1011121314 
Davy Jones' Locker (pirate)15+ 101112131415+
Happy Birthday R.J. (Texan, 1980s)18+  1112131415+
Lord and Lady Westing's Will (aristocratic, 1930s)15+  1112131415+
Small Town Folks (midwest, 1960s P)15+   12   
The Food is to Die For (restaurant, present-day)15+   12131415+
Dazzled to Death (glamorous, 1950s)15+   12131415+
The Night before Christmas (Christmas, 1950s)15+   12131415+
Under the Big Top (circus, 1950s)15+   12131415+
Who Shot the Sheriff (Western)12+   12131415+
Death on the Rocks (village, 1930s)18+   12131415+
A Dead Man's Chest (pirate)12+   12131415+
Spellbound (magical, present-day)12+    131415+
Court in the Act (Elizabethan)18+    131415+
The Spy Who Killed Me (spy-infested, 1960s)15+     1415+
Murder on the Dancefloor (diner dance-off, 1950s)15+     1415+
Note: where a number is not in bold, that means you need the Expanded version of the game. Games marked with a 'P' are by Peaky Games, and are recommended for people who have hosted one of our murder mystery games before.

Larger games (for when you have more than 14 guests)

Number of guestsAge14–15161718192021222324252627282930313233
Curse of the Pharaoh (archaeological, 1890s)18+14–1516171819              
Lei'd to Rest (Hawaiian, present-day)15+14–1516171819202122           
Way out West (Western)15+/12+14–15161718192021222324         
Davy Jones' Locker (pirate)15+14–15                  
Happy Birthday R.J. (Texan, 1980s)18+14–15                  
Lord and Lady Westing's Will (aristocratic, 1930s)15+14–1516                 
The Food is to Die For (restaurant, present-day)15+14–15                  
Dazzled to Death (glamorous, 1950s)15+14–15                  
The Night before Christmas (Christmas, 1950s)15+14–15                  
Under the Big Top (circus, 1950s)15+14–15                  
Who Shot the Sheriff (Western)12+14–15                  
Death on the Rocks (village, 1930s)18+14–1516                 
A Dead Man's Chest (pirate)12+14–1516                 
Spellbound (magical, present-day)12+14–151617                
Court in the Act (Elizabethan)18+14–15161718192021            
The Spy Who Killed Me (spy-infested, 1960s)15+14–15161718               
Murder on the Dancefloor (diner dance-off, 1950s)15+14–151617181920             
Casino Fatale (casino, present-day)18+ 15161718192021222324252627282930   
A Speakeasy Murder (gangster and showbusiness, 1920s)18+ 151617181920212223242526272829303132 
Hollywood Lies (Hollywood, present-day)12+  1617181920212223242526272829303132 
Halloween Lies (horror-movie, present-day)12+  1617181920212223242526272829303132 
Christmas Lies (Christmas-movie, present-day)12+  1617181920212223242526272829303132 
Murder at Sea (seaborne, 1910s)15+   1718192021222324252627282930313233
Arabian Nights (exotic, fairy-tale)12+    18192021222324         
The Reality is Murder (tropical, 2000s)18+         2324252627282930   
Note: where a number is not in bold, that means you need the Expanded version of the game.

Note also that most of our games have at least one free extra character who can be added in if you have extra guests turn up at short notice. But we recommend that you start off by choosing a game of the right size, not by buying one that's smaller and planning to fill it out with free extra characters – because while they're fine for use in an emergency, they aren't as well integrated into the game as the "real" characters are!

"You folks are the best. Great customer service and great writing!"
Benjamin S., Illinois, United States

Please do let us know how we can improve this page to make it more helpful! We want to hear your ideas about how we can make the process of choosing a game better for you. Please do send us your thoughts via this form.