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It is 1763 and off a small island in the Caribbean, pirate ships have gathered to compete in the annual pirate games. At the games the ships' crews will compete against each other to gain the most doubloons – and the crew with the most doubloons by the end of the games wins!

Pirate Island is a themed party game for 6 to 32 kids of all ages – but particularly suited to ages 8 and up.

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Pirate Island – a kids' party game from Freeform Games

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What do you get when you buy Pirate Island?

"I played Pirate Island over the New Year with a group of 11 kids from 6 to 14 and it was fantastic, the most successful New Year's Eve party we have ever had with such a mixed age group." Annemarie Johnson, UK

Pirate Island costs £20 (UK pounds) or $24.99 (US dollars), and you can buy it using any major credit, debit or charge card, or via PayPal. You'll be able to download the game files immediately after making your purchase. We'll also email you with the download details so that you can come back and download Pirate Island at a later date.

The files are PDFs – if you don't already have the free Acrobat Reader software needed to read that kind of file, you can get it from the link to the left here.

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How does Pirate Island work?

Pirate Island has been written for 6 to 32 kids aged eight and up. (You can play with younger pirates – but they will probably need some adult help. You can also play with older pirates – they'll probably have as much fun as the younger ones.)

All the pirates are organised into ship crews, and they must cooperate together to complete quests and win the pirate games. The crew with the most doubloons wins!

The step-by-step instructions explain which ships and which crewmembers to use so that you can tailor it to however many pirates are attending your party.

Pirate Island lasts for about an hour and is ideal as part of a larger party – such as a birthday party. Two or three adults are needed to run the party, and one person will need to prepare everything beforehand.

What else you'll need for Pirate Island

When you buy our party game kit, the only extra thing you need is some pirate treasure. This could be plastic coins, poker chips, coloured plastic gems, or anything else that the kids will enjoy using to represent money. How much you need depends on how large your party is, but about 15 per child should be plenty. You will also need some pens, rulers and other craft materials.

Then in addition we recommend that you get some prizes to award to the best pirates – perhaps little treasure chests, or costume items, or eg. stuffed toy parrots or skulls – either one prize for the overall best pirate crew, or one for each of the four different contests.

Apart from that, you'll probably want pirate decor for the room where you're having the party, pirate-suitable food, costumes and so on, like for any other kids' party.

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"Thanks again for all of your help. We appreciate the excellent customer service you have given us – it is what makes all the difference!" Janis Kutterer, USA

What if I don't like Pirate Island?

No product is perfect for everyone. We know that and you know that – and that's why we offer a cast-iron, no quibble guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with Pirate Island, let us know within 30 days and we will refund you. Click here to read our full terms and conditions.

"Freeform Games offers what I call First Class Customer Care! I have been overwhelmingly happy (and even shocked) with the extremely helpful assistance you provide in choosing a game that is a perfect match. You quickly and clearly answered all my questions from start to finish. Thank you for making this purchase a memorable one!" Tammy, USA

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us!

"We've run your games at my son's birthday parties for the last two years, and everyone has loved them! Your games are awesome!" Sheila Ruth, USA