This Halloween, host an unforgettable murder mystery party!

Halloween Lies - Peter Rhodes-Dimmer

Do something different this Halloween – throw a murder mystery party for your friends and family.

You don't need professional actors or a fancy hotel – you can instead hold the party in the comfort of your own home for your friends or colleagues!

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Halloween murder mystery games from Freeform Games

Our murder mystery games are interactive social events where you scheme and negotiate with other players in order to solve the murder and achieve your goals. Each murder mystery party game is a complete evening's entertainment, and they range in size from 6 up to 33 guests.

They're ideal for parties of all sorts – especially Halloween!

These murder mysteries here are great for adults and for teenagers. Or for younger kids, we have a terrific new Halloween game Trick or Treat, ideal for ages around 8 and up!

NEW – Halloween Bundle! We've got a special bundle including both the adults' and kids' versions of Halloween Lies, plus new game for younger kids Trick or Treat, all for just 20 pounds – that's cheaper than Halloween Lies normally is by itself! Click here to purchase.

Halloween Lies

Our special murder mystery game specifically designed for Halloween parties! Set in the glamorous world of the horror movie business, you can take your place at the ceremony for the horror movie awards, the Skellies, as a star actor, a director, a producer – and make sure to come in Halloween costume for the gala party!

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Halloween Lies – It's award night and Tom Speed's latest film, The Vampire Detective, has just swept the board and garnered five Skellies – for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Sadly, Tom Speed's award for Best Actor was accepted posthumously by his wife, Zara Vicars, as Tom was killed in a driving accident late last night.

Despite this note of sadness, celebrations are in full swing at the The Vampire Detective post-award party. Deals are being cut for future productions and everyone is having a good time enjoying the atmosphere and mingling with Hollywood's movers and shakers.

Is there anything suspicious about Tom Speed's death? Who will win next year's Skellies? Find out at Halloween Lies.

Halloween Lies is suitable for 16 to 22 guests and one or two hosts. And it now also comes in an Expanded version to take it up to 32 guests!

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Or enjoy one of our other murder mysteries – see the list on the left!

Halloween Lies - Peter Rhodes-Dimmer

Each of our kits contain everything you need to run a fabulous Halloween murder mystery party:

  • Detailed character backgrounds including goals, secrets, information about other characters and more (and you will know everything you need to know at the beginning - we don't drip-feed you your background)
  • Costume guides to ensure that your party is a really colourful event
  • Goals for every character – solving the murder is only one of your objectives
  • Background information setting the scene
  • Cards to represent items, money
  • Special abilities for each character that let them affect other characters
  • Hints to help beginning players
  • Complete details for the host to run the game and make sure everyone has a great time
  • Detailed timetables explaining what happens and when

Free introductory files

To give you a taste of murder, you can download free introductory files for each game. These files provide you with a list of all the guests, an invitation for you to send out, some background material (such as the cover of a newspaper) – plus details of how to buy the game.

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files. Acrobat Reader is completely free and is available to download here.)

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How do they work?

Choose one of the games and download the files. You (assuming that you will be the host) then read the instructions, plus the character backgrounds and other details. You also need to separate out the information that their guests receive – character backgrounds, items, money and so on.

On the night of the party you introduce your guests and give them their detailed character backgrounds. These contain details of who they are and why they are present, along with clues to solving the mystery and the objectives they need to achieve.

Each guest has a character with goals and problems. One might have to solve the murder and pay off their gambling debts. Another character might want a certain object, while yet another is having an affair. Once the game starts, the guests talk to each other and decide who to trust and who to blackmail in order to solve the mystery and achieve their goals.

Unlike the traditional boxed sets available in the shops, these games are completely interactive. While there is a solution to the murder, how your guests achieve their other goals is entirely up to them. There might even be more murders – it's entirely up to you!

Exclusive to the Internet

Our games are available only on the Internet – you won't find them in the shops. Once you have paid for the game, you will be able to download your game right away. You will also be emailed the password to come back to our site at any future point that's more convenient, or to get a fresh copy.

Benefits of ordering over the Internet include:

  • Credit card payments are handled by WorldPay, a specialist company with a secure card-payment server – we don't see your credit card details at all
  • Ordering over the Internet is virtually instantaneous – you can start downloading the game immediately
  • Environmentally friendly – no packaging or transportation costs

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Money-Back Guarantee

We have a cast-iron money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our murder mystery games, then just let us know within 30 days and we will refund you your money.

(We should probably add that this doesn't happen very often – most people think that our murder mystery games are pretty good…)

Who are these games suitable for?

Some of our murder mystery games involve adult themes and as a result they are not suitable for young children. They are perfect for open-minded, intelligent people willing to have a good time. Each game is rated '12', '15' or '18', like a movie, to indicate age suitability.

And if you're after a Halloween party for younger kids, our new game Trick or Treat is ideal for ages around 8 and up!

Run a Freeform Games murder mystery game and have a Halloween to remember!