Overnight murder mystery games

Kittydreamz explains how they expanded Way out West to be played overnight: We played Way out West overnight and it went quite well. We adapted the expanded version…

We added things like portraits and a confession can, but there was no shortage of material. We just made sure to draw up a schedule, stretch out announcements so thirty minutes between stagecoaches and having them arrive separately, and we went from a daytime location at a ghost town type site to our evening and breakfast at a very western themed motel.

We rented all of the rooms for our group (six total) and bunked together. We provided dinner and breakfast as well and the judge made his announcement over breakfast. People spent most of the first evening getting to know each other, arriving and exploring the town.

We could have made it til evening the second day easily if we'd played more games, had horse racing (with ponies on sticks from the local dollar general!), ladies hat decorating competitions and sharpshooting as we'd planned.

Honestly, we ran out of time.

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