How our games work

"I've purchased a couple Freeform games over the years and we're planning on picking up another for a party this upcoming summer, we can't wait! Freeform Games are truly the best in the business. There's so much depth and complexity to the roles and stories, the characters are clever and creative with beautifully intertwined motivations, they're really quite incredible. The passion and love of the writers behind the scenarios really shines. As the host, make sure to spend some time familiarizing and readying yourself for the big night, these parties do no come together without a little prep work. Every minute preparing is worth the investment however, once you put things into motion and the party begins, it's so much fun to see your guests take it from there as they begin scheming, plotting, and backstabbing! The cost to value ratio of these Murder Mystery Parties is stellar, they hit so far above their price point! Thank you for providing such wonderful parties, you've helped us make some incredibly fun memories and we can't wait to make more!!" Joe, United States

Casino Fatale

Our murder mystery games are different from most other murder mystery parties.

We don't give you a predetermined script to read out, we don't drip feed your background to you – we don't even know how the game will end.

That's up to you and your guests.

But we do give you your detailed character background in advance. We give you goals and contacts – and secrets. You might have a secret identity, you might be rich, you might be poor – you might even be the murderer (we'll tell you upfront if you are). We even give you ways of finding out other players' secrets – just so you can blackmail them.

You will decide who to talk to, who to trust – and who to betray.

You may know who your friends are. Or you may only think you know who your friends are. You won't know for sure until the chips are down.

Welcome to a Freeform Games murder mystery!

"Freeform Games will definitely be my first stop when I decide to host my next murder mystery game :) keep doing great work!" Vlad Dogaru, Romania

What is a Freeform Games murder mystery game?

Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess – Court in the Act

A Freeform Games murder mystery game is an interactive party where each guest has a character and a role in a story that will be played out over the course of three hours or so. Usually, one person is the murderer and their job is to escape detection and put the blame onto someone else.

As well as solving the murder, in Freeform Games murder mysteries, everyone has other goals – maybe to find hidden pirate treasure, or to blackmail a rival, win another's heart, or maybe just make as much money as possible.

One person is the Host and acts as organizer and co-ordinator, responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and that all the guests have the information they need. They also act as referee should an impartial decision be required.

"I bought my first game when I was 17 so I could throw a really cool 18th birthday party. I'm now coming up on my 29th birthday and I've hosted and/or played at least 10 (or maybe more?) of your games. They've become my thing now, and I have people in my life who get so excited about the next one that they make sure to ask when it's happening." Alyssa, Freeform Games superfan

What you get with a Freeform Games murder mystery

Death on the Rocks

Here's what you get when you buy one of our murder mystery games:

Murder mystery game materials

"As I've always said you guys are great!!!! You think of everything! You've found a loyal customer in me!!" Doris Arnett-Gary, USA

Kids can play too!

We've found that kids enjoy our murder mystery games as much as the grown-ups. We have games that are suitable for kids aged 8+: click here to see which games we recommend as being kid-friendly.