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Links to our customers' stories about their games

Here are some links to pages belonging to our players, talking about our games. If you've put up some photos, or a blog entry, or anything else to do with our games, please send us the link! Caution: these may contain spoilers, so don't read them if you're planning to play the game!

How to make your own fun in rural Australia – with A Dead Man's Chest and Under the Big Top.

Lovely story about a party with A Speakeasy Murder at The Candy Factory, in Pennsylvania.

A review of A Heroic Death, with some great superhero costumes and a fabulous cake!

A fabulous pair of posts about a Way out West party, with some beautiful and inspirational decorative ideas.

A Will to Murder, done steampunk style!

Here's a Hollywood Lies birthday party movie, shot in the form of a trailer.

A killer of a party with Snow Business.

Some very elegant pictures from a Casino Fatale party.

A terrific Arabian Nights video – great source of ideas for costumes, decor etc.

The Ellsworths are Dazzled to Death! And more about the party here (includes spoilers).

A terrific account of a Court in the Act party, including some excellent costume photos.

Murder mystery madness with Curse of the Pharaoh!

Vitleysingaspjallarinn – Shahfeez Merouf in Curse of the Pharaoh – in Icelandic!

Here's an account of a New Year run of Casino Fatale, and here are two more.

Another great detailed account of a Casino Fatale party, from Phil Murray!

Memoirs of an Ariadne from Curse of the Pharaoh.