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Read about this amazing bundle offer

Lots of murder mystery party games, very low prices!

For the next couple of weeks only, you've got the chance to pick up a bundle of our games, much cheaper than the normal retail price. No catch, no strings attached! It's all thanks to our friends at Bundle of Holding, who are specialists in this kind of offer.

Which games are in the bundle?

So actually there are two levels to the offer. For just $19.95, you get all four of these games:

  • A Will to Murder (6-9 players, retail $30): In 1930s Britain, a wealthy family feuds over the last will of their murdered patriarch.
  • Lei'd to Rest (6-12 players, retail $30): A luau gone bad at a Hawaiian beach resort.
  • A Heroic Death (8-12 players, retail $30): The Superheroic Justice Doom Squad has to save the world, but first they must escape their volcano headquarters.
  • Way Out West (10-14 players, retail $30): The party's on at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Cactus Gulch, 1884.
  • ... so that's a retail value of $120!

Or if you want more, then for a total payment of only $29,87 you will get the four above plus four more games:

  • Davy Jones' Locker (10-15 players, retail $30): In Tortuga, 1785, Caribbean pirates aim for the big haul -- or the keelhaul.
  • Spellbound (13-17 players, retail $30): At the Tremaine School of Magic, students must investigate a memory-loss mystery while also taking final exams.
  • Arabian Nights (18-24 players, retail $40): An hour after the Sultan announces his daughter's betrothal to handsome Prince Ala 'ad-Din, the young prince is found dead in the marketplace.
  • Hollywood Lies (16-32 players, retail $50): At the post-award party for Dazzled to Death, film stars and producers wheel and deal despite the sad death of the award-winning star.
  • ... making a total retail value of a terrific $270!

IMPORTANT -- this offer is only available until Monday 14th October 2019. So don't delay!