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Your stories and pictures from Dazzled to Death

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Here's a selection of people's stories and pictures from Dazzled to Death – if you've enjoyed one of our games, you can click here and tell us your own story.

"Our family is usually pretty stuffy, even when it comes to family functions. We like to have fun, but not necessarily get out of our comfort zone. When someone suggested we do a mystery dinner (Dazzled to Death) instead of our traditional costume party for Halloween, we weren't really sure how it would turn out, but everyone got into it and we all had a great time. We are planning to do another mystery game this October."
Tyler Walker, United States

"Can I just say… I ran Dazzled to Death on Saturday night and it was fab! We had such a giggle all the women dressed as men was hilarious! One lady said she has done 3 before but this was the best by far! I have spread the word and the fantastic price."
Caz Glitherow, United Kingdom

"Just a quick note to say that we had a wonderful time playing our murder mystery party! All our friends fully immersed themselves in the atmosphere, the character and the costumes! A fantastic and memorable night was had by all, we are so looking forward to doing Dazzled to Death and will report back with the results...! I would highly recommend anyone considering buying a Murder Mystery to do it! They are so much fun, everyone joins in regardless of how shy you think they are and you can unearth some very interesting character traits!"
Cathy McConaghy, United Kingdom

"It was difficult to decide what to do for New Year's Eve. We were 4 families from different countries. Range age from 12 years old to 65 year old. I had to host the dinner for our friends but they hardly knew each other. It was a great choice to do Dazzled to Death. Everybody had a great time; we had not much time to prepare any elaborate costumes, especially the families visiting. But they were all into their parts. Even when we took a break for dinner, they could not stop talking about it. My soon who is 12 was the winner of all prizes -- he was Reggie, and played wonderfully. I would love to write all the details but it will take me forever, there were so many great moments that I only want to thank you for a great game. I only regret that you do not have them in Spanish, I would like to do some more for my Mexican friends."
Ana Riva, Mexico

"I just played Dazzled to Death last night, and now I'm on here looking for more. I've played a number of other murder mystery evenings and always got tired with the scripted format – I just wanted to be let loose to find things out for myself!
Well, this certainly delivered. There was intrigue, attempted poisonings, constant uncertainty of who was telling the truth, and I loved it. We all got so into our roles that we spent a good hour discussing the events of the evening after we'd finished, and are still realising more as we discuss it today.
All I have to do now is work out when we can play our next game!"
Ross, United Kingdom

"Hi everyone!
Just wanted to tell you how great last night was. We put on Dazzled To Death (the first Murder Mystery I've ever hosted!)and it was fantastic!
Everyone said how much they loved it and it was a huge success. At first my guests didn't know what was going on but they soon got into the swing of things! We made photographs to hang on the wall, family tree, family portrait and a lovely buffet. It seems as though the general consensus is to do one again but everyone wants me to do one sooner rather than later! So who knows I might be writing to you again around Christmas & New Year with the next story!
I highly recommend to people to give Dazzled To Death a go because it was excellent!
Thanks a lot Freeform Games!
Nick aka The Waiter!"
Nick Eccles, United Kingdom

"We just played the game Dazzled to Death and what a blast!"
Anne Gregory, United States

"Dazzled to Death was brilliant! I had a variety of different friends over, and they all enjoyed getting into character and attempting to solve the mystery! "
Emily, New Zealand

"Just to let you know that we had the Dazzled to Death party on Saturday last and it went exceptionally well. Our guests dressed for the occasion and were at their devious best to discover who the murderer was and who was having it away with whom. Their pleasure is evidenced by the e-mail and sms chatter talking (mainly in character) about how things went.
The notes, props and character notes were ideal and worked brilliantly. Even a couple of (very) shy guests warmed up and got into the spirit of things.
When time came to wrap up, people were amazed at the time (10:30pm) and wondered where the evening went.
Our logistics were that I was the waiter and essentially served the meal and drinks through the evening, adjudicating as we went along. We tried to call a halt for the meal, but that break lasted about 10 minutes and then they were into character again. The players didn't want to stop for the meal such was their involvement – lucky we planned a buffet-type meal that was easy to walk around and serve.
Anyway, once again, thanks very much and we look forward to planning another one in the not-too-distant future."
Peter and Heather Grusauskas, Australia

"Dazzled to Death was wonderful! We all had so much fun!"
A Customer, United States

"We just played the game Dazzled to Death and what a blast! Everyone came fully costumed and fully prepared for an evening of murder and intrigue. With great food, good music, fake candles and an inflatable moose head, my apartment was totally transformed into a hunting lodge! Thanks guys! "
Anne Gregory, United States

"Dazzled to Death was the first time I've run a murder mystery game, I followed your instructions closely and everything went really smoothly, so I wouldn't change anything.
There's no need for the host to panic when they read all the info and character profiles. It feels like there's too much info to take in and remember on the night, but in reality the game runs itself once all the guests know their characters, it's brilliant, quite magical!
It was nice to have an excuse to get the girls to glam up with diamonds etc, and get the boys to dress up too. It was really fun to assign characters, they seemed to fit my group of friends really well. It was very funny to choose the fathers and sons! We also decorated our house and found we could think of decorations to suit the theme.
I would really recommend making the props ie the diamonds and paintings, it really added to the fun.
I was really amazed how involved in the game my friends became. I was a little sceptical at first because I thought it was going to be too complicated, but the evening ran really smoothly and it was very satisfying to see all the plot lines unfold. It bought out lots of mischievousness in my friends! Not everyone guessed the murderer, so it was a great reveal at the end too.
Thanks for a great evening, for the level of fun we had the game was a real bargain!"
Carrie Edwards, United Kingdom

"I held Dazzled to Death for my 15th birthday years ago and have only got round to writing about it 3 years later looking for another one to do! Unanimously agreed as one of the best parties ever. The set up of not having a script was fantastic and allowed us to really become our characters. Nobody ever came out of their roles! We shortened the break in the middle because everyone was too eager to deal with all their duties… fantastic too how many seperate stories were going on – and we all got so involved in our own stories and instead of feeling stressed/sad/excited/scared for our characters, we genuinely were stressed, sad, excited and scared because they were us! The freedom we had to turn the story our own way was really fun too, and a lot of unexpected turns occured such as one couple planning to marry (never suggested in the script) and the death of a completely unexpected character (never suggested but a clever tactic to distract everyone). This story is really exciting and so good for that age range – I would recommend it to anyone! Three years later it's still talked about and everyone asks me all the time to have another and it was so much fun I'm thinking of throwing them another treat :)
Thank you Freeform Games for creating such a fantastic game – we thoroughly enjoyed it and are eager for more!"
Tara Marshall-Tierney, United Kingdom

"My friends and I had such a blast with Dazzled to Death. They were mostly impressed at how professional the whole set up was. From the e-invites, to the character packs, to the ability and item cards. But most of all, the storyline was so captivating."
Faith Toh, United States

"Thank you so much for letting me download the new files and the extra characters. The Dazzled to Death party was a huge success, everyone enjoyed it and the two extra characters fitted in seamlessly!
People are already talking about which game we should buy to play next – except this time someone else can host, so that I can try my hand at detective!"
Hayley van den Bergh, New Zealand

"We would definitely like to try more, and our guests agreed that Dazzled to Death was great fun."
A Customer, Australia

"I did Dazzled to Death for my 14th birthday party and everyone loved it! It was really cool having lots of goals and secrets and everyone got really into it!! This mystery is really fun… full of puzzles, suspense and lots of scandalous secrets!! I highly recommend it – and it is appropriate for early teens onwards (we had a 10/11yr old playing too)! Thank you so much for making these games… they are really creative and extremely exciting! Everyone has a major part! It was the best birthday party I've done!"
Gemma, Australia

"Brilliant – thanks so much! We played Dazzled to Death last weekend, and it was a real success – none of us had ever played one before, but people got really into character, and everyone enjoyed it hugely."
Vicky MacCallum

"We played Dazzled to Death recently and had a great time. Everyone was really involved and enjoyed themselves (with varying levels of success in the actual game). Everyone was dressed up and there were even some American accents being maintained throughout the night! A wonderful product, and I will certainly be buying more in the near future."
Thomas Halliday, United Kingdom

"I LOVED it! I had Dazzled to Death for my 15th birthday party, and though we were nonchalant at the beginning we had a ball! It was such a successful night full of betrayal, murder and suspense! My friends are all begging me to host one next year!!!"
Sophie, Australia

"We did Murder at the Mad Hatter Tea Party [using a customized version of Dazzled to Death] over the weekend. Everyone had a fantastic time. This is the third murder mystery I have auctioned off for our local Humane Society Several couples have attended all so far and complimented me that this one is the best."
Jill Davis, United States

Dazzled to Death – the plot thickens 
							– Faith Toh
Dazzled to Death – the plot thickens – Faith Toh

Dazzled to Death 
							– Faith Toh
Dazzled to Death – Faith Toh

Dazzled to Death – Mad Hatter's Tea Party version 
							– Jill Davis
Dazzled to Death – Mad Hatter's Tea Party version – Jill Davis

Dazzled to Death – Mad Hatter's Tea Party version 
							– Jill Davis
Dazzled to Death – Mad Hatter's Tea Party version – Jill Davis

Dazzled to Death – group photo 
							– Tyler Walker
Dazzled to Death – group photo – Tyler Walker

Dazzled to Death – group photo 
							– Faith Toh
Dazzled to Death – group photo – Faith Toh

Dazzled to Death – excellent moustaches 
							– Caz Glitherow
Dazzled to Death – excellent moustaches – Caz Glitherow

Dazzled to Death – Tracy's monkey causes chaos 
							– Faith Toh
Dazzled to Death – Tracy's monkey causes chaos – Faith Toh

Dazzled to Death – Dr Bruisyard and Charles plot the death of Diana Peters 
							– Faith Toh
Dazzled to Death – Dr Bruisyard and Charles plot the death of Diana Peters – Faith Toh

Dazzled to Death – Mad Hatter's Tea Party version 
							– Jill Davis
Dazzled to Death – Mad Hatter's Tea Party version – Jill Davis

Dazzled to Death – the family tree 
							– Alex Rivadeneira
Dazzled to Death – the family tree – Alex Rivadeneira

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