question on bracelets

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question on bracelets

Postby Piotr82 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:20 pm


I have a question on the bracelets.
I am playing the game with 11, so Lana and Harold are not in the game.

Following the instructions, I understand:
- Eric got his bracelet card
- the Mayor should make the announcement in the mid of the game

I have two questions:
1) However, am I correct to say that the other item card on the bracelet is not in the game?
2) Meaning that this mystery on the bracelets cannot be solved in the game? Isn't this a little bit of a disappointement if some players will found out that they chased something that is not even in the game?

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Re: question on bracelets

Postby mo » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:20 am

Hi there,

Yes, your understanding is correct. It is a bit of a difficult situation, it's true. Ideally we would ahve liked a way to resolve the bracelets satisfactorily with every combination of characters, but it wasn't possible. But we think that there is enough happening in the other parts of the game that the players won't really be disappointed to find that this bracelet mystery ends up not being solved. In practice, they will most likely use their effort on the plots which other players are also interested in, and they will tend not to spend time on plots which don't present them with results.

What you can do, if it seems to you that one particular player is getting too interested in the bracelets, is to tell them that they would do better to shift their emphasis away from that. They will understnad that it's always the case that when some characters are missing, there will be 'loose ends' of plot that don't get fully solved.

best wishes,


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