The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Murder Mystery

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The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Murder Mystery

Postby diablette » Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:40 pm

I wanted to throw a Mad Hatter tea party, and I thought it would be a great theme for a murder mystery. However a murder mystery with this theme didn't exist on the net. So I asked Mo if any of the Freeform games could be altered, and she suggested Dazzled to Death. This worked out great for me, with my friends and I having a most enjoyable time. I'm posting this here, in case anyone else wants to take advantage of the work I did. To make my life easier, I put the actual names of my friends in. Below is the mapping of original Dazzled to Death characters to my Mad Hatter tea party version. I just focused on Wonderland, and not Alice. I made myself, the host, the turtle, but the host could easily be Alice, if you desired, as it doesn't affect anything. Just a search and replace of Turtle with Alice. As I had certain people who were definites, and others not, and also people who wanted to be specific characters, and one wanted a character which didn't require him dressing up, I meddled with a gender of some of the Aggie Marbles (Ace of Spades) and Doctor (Dodo) characters. The pet monkey becomes a pet Cheshire cat. The game requires you to be open-minded about the background of the characters, but seeing as there is no real plot in Alice in Wonderland, it’s not really that much of a stretch - very few characters discuss their past. And sure they are all mad anyway As the original had names spelt in multiple ways (Priscilla, Priscilla Evington-Browne, Priscilla E-B, Aunt Pris, etc) it took me a while to change them. Changing the names of my friends to yours should be a simple one click search and replace. I've given my files to Mo, so if you want them, just ask Mo after you've bought Dazzled to Death. Mapping of original Dazzled to Death characters to Wonderland characters: Johm Evington-Browne III -> King John III, the King of Hearts Rose Evington-Browne -> Queen Tasha, the Queen of Hearts: The King’s much-loved wife. Patrick Evington-Browne -> The White Rabbit: Courtier at the Royal Heart Palace. (I dropped the son bit) Evie Evington-Browne -> Princess Maeve: The 2 of hearts, The King and Queen’s 21-year-old and wilful daughter. Tracy Evington-Browne -> Princess Sarah: The 5 of hearts, The King and Queen’s younger and mischievous daughter. Owner of a cheshire cat. Technically in the book it’s the Duchess' cat, so I just wrote that the Duchess had given it to the princess as a gift. Priscilla Evington-Browne -> Duchess: The King’s elderly and often forgetful aunt. Agatha Marbles -> the Ace of Spades: The Duchess’ elderly English friend. An allegedly famed detective. (Could be changed back to a girl and be the Brown Mouse, instead of Christy) James Pemberton -> The Mad Hatter: The Queen’s brother. Eccentric provider of top notch hats. Charles Pemberton -> The March Hare: The Mad Hatter’s adopted son, currently a student at Wonderland University. Dr Bruisyard -> Dr. Dodo: Retired royal family doctor and friend. Miles Earnshaw ->Ian the Caterpillar: Unexpected guest, friend from the Queen’s youth. Reggie Haven -> The Dormouse: Young socialite friend of Princess Maeve. Dinah Peters -> Adrienne: Cook (temporary stand-in for usual cook). Christy Crompton -> The Brown Mouse: University friend of the White Rabbit Soames -> The Gryphon: Royal heart butler Waiter -> Your helper/host, the Turtle (who could just as easily be Alice) Pictures of us and some of the food (before my camera ran out of space, when I put it down and forgot about it!): [dead url, sorry] Good quality black and white images of Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland drawings are here: Images from the Tim Burton movie are here: Decorating ideas: deas.html [dead url, sorry] Costuming ideas: [dead url, sorry]

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