Newsletter 21st March 2012

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Newsletter 21st March 2012

Postby mo » Wed Mar 21, 2012 1:24 pm

New game! – Pirate Island
Our new children's party game, Pirate Island, is now on sale!

Pirate Island is not a murder mystery game – it's a new game idea from us, a party game written for children aged about 8 and up. The children get to play pirate captains and crew, like in our normal games, but instead of solving a murder they're searching for treasure and competing in the traditional Pirate Games!

Pirate Island costs just £15 (about 24 US dollars), and you can download a free intro file with more information about the game here: ... ?code=0100

Pirate Island is for any number of kids from 6 up to 24, plus one or more adult organizers.

You can find all the details about Pirate Island here on our website:

Murder mystery game news
Don't worry though, we haven't stopped work on new murder mystery games! We're just now doing the final edit on Spellbound, our new game set at a magical academy, written by Lisa Perez who gave us the wonderful Arabian Nights game. We've had great fun developing and playtesting Spellbound, and we can't wait to get it published!

Then currently in playtest is an expansion pack for Lei'd to Rest, our Hawaiian-beach-set game of intrigue and duplicity. Lei'd to Rest has always been a popular game, but it's for only 6–12 players at the moment – author DeAnna Knippling has now written 10 more terrific characters who can be added in, so Lei'd to Rest can be used for larger parties and luaus.

Pictures from A Heroic Death
Our latest game A Heroic Death launched a few weeks ago, and we've already got some excellent pictures that have been sent in by customer Chris Laws – thank you Chris! You can see them here: ... game_id=49

And this is what Chris had to say about how the party went:
"Thank you for providing these games! This is the second one I've hosted from your site and, as before, everyone had a blast and was wanting to know when the next one would be. I am definitely a repeat customer! I started planning A Heroic Death the moment I heard about it in your email newsletter. The game was VERY well written with some wildly funny superhero cliches (I won't elaborate in case of spoilers!)."
Chris Laws, United States

You can send us your own stories about your parties via the form here on our wesbite:

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