About DON's ability, Expert swordman

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About DON's ability, Expert swordman

Postby tmc001 » Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:56 am

Is this ability too strong?

We just finished this game and very enjoy it, but someone feel Don's ability is too strong, it's not fair to pirates. What's your point?

Thank you Mo, this is a great game.

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About DON's ability, Expert swordman

Postby mo » Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:10 am

Hi Dennis,

Very glad to hear you enjoyed the game -- thank you!

Don Inigo is supposed to be a pretty heroic kind of guy, and there's only one of him against (potentially) several pirate enemies, so we felt he needed some kind of combat advantage. One-on-one, he clearly outclasses a pirate, so it is unfair in that sense. But really they need to gang up on him, cowardly wretches that they are, and he's not going to be lucky against all of them.

(Also, of course, if someone steals Don Inigo's sword, this ability is useless -- whereas Black Jack and Saucy Nancy both have the ability to fight without a weapon.)

Thanks for the question -- we don't often get asked about 'game balance' issues like this! It will vary from game to game depending on how forceful / effective a person that particular Don Inigo is, but we hope that overall we've got the fairness about right.

best wishes,


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